Ask @Zolee_g:

Hey Zo Zo. I love your videos on YouTube. I recently just discovered your channel and became a fan the same day that I discovered your channel because I was just in love with your videos . You inspire young teens like me and I appreciate that I love you so much so keep doing what you're doing.❤ you

Thank you so much, I love to inspire others & that's my goal. Thanks for your support love!

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It makes me so insecure that I'm not lightskin, thought about lighting my skin because the boys I like usually go for lighter girls:/

Take head to what I'm going to say: stop liking those boys. Stop. It's not healthy for you. If someone genuinely likes you, they won't like you for your color, your body, your etc. It'll be for YOU. I don't know how old you are but I'm going to guess middle school/high school, and those boys are so unimportant. Once you get to high school or college or wherever you move onto in life, there will be so many more boys who will love and cherish you and your complexion, and those are the boys you want to give your attention to. Not these immature ignorant little boys. Love yourself firstly, because if not, no one can love you like you would be able to.

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Tbh being darkskin is hard, ppl always think your mean barely any cute guys go for darkskin girls :/ I've already excepted the fact that I'll be alone forever............:/ *sigh

Incorrect!!!! You will not be alone forever, those guys will be because they're immature. I promise you, some lucky guy will come along and LOVE to be with you. Plus, a guys opinion on your skin doesn't value your beauty. You do! So only let YOU dictate your worth! :) I'm sorry the world can be cruel, but it's all about the way we combat that hate and rise against it.

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What do you think about other races adopting things from black culture or someone adopting things from and another culture. I want your detailed opinion?

I think there's a difference between cultural appropriation and appreciation & most of the time main stream media doesn't touch on much of the appreciation factor & just appropriates, which leads to their audience doing the same. I think it's best to not appropriate for the sake of others lives/feelings/etc, but better yet to educate yourself.

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how would you describe yourself on a day to day basis. you seem real educated and aware but something tells me you have a spicy side hahaha

Hahha I am. I'm just very honest and I like to be honest with people but never rude. I'm really nice to people whether I know them or not and am super friendly. I'm very sarcastic but most of the time I'm joking. Idk it's like you gotta know me to truly understand.

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