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lol I fucked up and asked y'all a question anonymously. My apologies. Please accept this totally NOT poisoned turkish delight in gratitude of my acceptance of your acceptance of my apology.

Flap McGapple

I will accept your turkish delight that is not poisoned and will not harm me in any way, shape or form. If I die, it will be totally unrelated to this tasty treat that you gave me.

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How do you usually start a conversation?

I don't unless I know someone really well. Part of my social anxiety. I find conversations extremely awkward! I wish I could communicate with people through expressions and hand gestures. Or grunts. Definitely grunts. Can we devolve into caveman speak? Meeki no macha ool. Meeki soku.

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Who is your favorite mass shooter?

Honestly, my favorite is probably Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer. The newer ones aren't bad either but I favor the older one.

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Thought's on the 2015 "The Game Awards"?

I was disappointed that Fallout 4 didn't win an award but I was really happy that games like Splatoon, Rocket League and Ori & the Blind Forest came out with at least one each. Witcher 3 seemed like the top winner tonight and it is a really good game so I can't really complain. I honestly never heard of Greg Miller before so was really surprised (and honestly disappointed) that he won Trending Gamer. I would have preferred Total Biscuit with Markiplier as a close second. I wish there were more awards because I would have liked Undertale to have come out of this with one. Not sure how Sunset even get nominated for an award. When Tim Schafer came out, I was disappointed, then he mentioned Psychonauts 2 and I got really excited. Then I remembered Tim Schafer and became disappointed again. I really loved Psychonauts and it would be nice to play as Razputin again but I don't know if I can get over my dislike of Schafer to support it. I'm really excited for Telltale's The Walking Dead: Michonne story game though. I guess that's about it for my opinions on it.

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I suspected my boyfriend of cheating on me, so I slept with another guy to get back at him, well it turns out he wasn't. Now what do I do?

"An eye for an eye" only leaves everyone blind, so it's never a good idea to do something to get back at another person. What you should have done to start with was talk to your boyfriend about your suspicions. That could have saved a lot of pain and drama. Sometimes our own doubts are our worst enemy and the only way to get rid of those is through confrontation and discussion. The right thing to do in this situation is to be honest about it and admit to your boyfriend what you had done. It probably won't end well, but a relationship built on lies is not a real relationship.

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I love to see my girl, in the arms of another man The smile on her face, when she says Milo was right, black cock is really great Now I'm doing the dishes, Tyrone doing my wife This is my life, this is the cuck life

Yes.. you could succumb to the cuck life. Or you could find your man card, level up to an alpha, beat the shit out of Tyrone, and then divorce your wife after she swoons at your newfound awesomeness because you deserve someone better.

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What's your favorite music artist ever?


The Big Bopper. What can I say, I love the 50's. I've always had a bit of an old soul.

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watching JoJos bizarre adventure and i thought about you #justsayin

You know, I haven't ever seen that. I should try to make the time! In the past, I always had people come at me with MOJO JOJO!

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has your dog ever accidentally eaten a whole SJW?

My dog has never even bitten anyone before or growled at them. He's a sweetheart. I imagine if you sprinkle a person with enough bacon bits, anything is possible.

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Best 15 bucks ever spent lol I love them :) I take it you're a fellow walking dead fan?

Oh yes, both comic book and television show! I collect all kinds of figures too. I even have the the vinyl version of Negan's baseball bat, Lucille (which is my favorite item) and the Monopoly Walking Dead game. I have posters, hats, even a cardboard cutout of Daryl in my room. I'm obsessed. I think Walking Dead and Game of Thrones covers 80% of my collectibles.

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They are awesome! :D best I've seen so far aha I like your style (sorry if this is duplicate my phone is tripping out)

Thanks. They aren't even a name brand pair or anything. I think I spent like 15 bucks on them at most. I don't require much. Skulls, zombies, undead.. the usual.

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Pic of your shoes :)

Is this some sort of shoe fetish thing? Sorry, I don't do sexy. I also don't own a lot of shoes. In fact, I wear one pair until it's literally hanging off my feet in shreds before begrudgingly giving in and buying another pair. This is the last pair I bought and still currently wear. Nothing fancy. Shoes are just shoes dammit.

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Dogs or cats? What breed/kind is your favorite?

Christopher Wilcox

Oh, definitely dogs. Favorite breed is the Siberian Husky though Malamutes aren't far behind. I actually own a Husky named Kratos (the dog of war). Had him for five years now.

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You have a baby and there's a 51% chance that it would grow up to become the next Hitler. Would you kill the baby? If you answer yes, then you might be a social justice warrior!

Well, I honestly wouldn't want a baby Hitler. I wouldn't mind a world domination baby though. Being a mother of the child that takes over the world would be a pretty cushy position if you ask me. However, I think love and kindness is all a baby needs to sway from the dark side. Call me old fashioned. Still, world domination baby.. the possibilities. Does a zombie apocalypse weigh into this at all because that would be a given yes.

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If you could be any OITNB character, who would it be?

Crazy Eyes.

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What system do you play on?

Joshua Schulz

PC all the way. Been gaming on the computer since Ultima Online. When it comes to consoles though, I favor playstation.

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What would you do with your “15 minutes” of fame?

Use it to promote a gaming charity I take part in every year.

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Name three things you think shouldn't exist in the world.

Modern day feminism, starving children, and abuse towards any other living creature.

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So... Zombies are shiny. Nice username. Are you secretly hoping for a Twilight: Zombie version?

There's already a zombie/human romance movie. It's called Warm Bodies and it's based on a well written book by Isaac Marion. It's a different take on zombies. Hints that lack of humanity is what caused the outbreak and that bringing back humanity is what cures it. Unlike Twilight, it actually has violence and death in it and the zombies start out as actual monsters. It's well written as well. I'm not a big fan of Twilight as the characters in it are pretty bland. I don't mind a happy ending, but I believe monsters should start out as monsters. Vampires are cursed creatures, yet the only curse they seemed to have in Twilight was that they sparkled like diamonds in the sun. At least in Warm Bodies, they killed and ate the brains of humans like zombies are supposed to.

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Theres so many people who are creators or artists, people we admired or even still do, who pour misplaced anger and bigotry at the people of gg, how do you deal with it?

Ricardo Lima

Hate is not new in this world. It's something I've fought against my entire life in some form or another so when I see it happen to the people of GamerGate, I get angry but I also try to persevere. You cannot win against hate with more hate. That creates an everlasting backlash. You have to be able to tolerate it and fight against it with logic but also kindness and respect if possible. When you find yourself up against a brick wall though, just ignore them. You can't win against stone cold hate.

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What are you expecting from the new season of "Game of Thrones"?

I expect to see Dany riding a dragon by the end of the season. ;)

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What if Feminist Frequency is funded by MRAs, in an effort to turn gamers against feminists?

I'm sure if MRAs were behind this, they wouldn't use gaming as a means to turn us against feminism. Men tend to be more logical and less emotional, so they'd probably use something they hated and knock out two birds with one stone.

Also, we'd probably hate them with equal malice. They're both extremist movements and no good can really come from either of them.

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What's the easiest social media you use?

I wish I could count Steam as social media because I'm on that the most but I guess it would be twitter.

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When SJWs wear clothes referring to themselves as "cuties" are they ironic or just plain oblivious?


1. They are part of a huge circle jerk so they are constantly complimenting one another. Hell, they are each other's biggest fans. I wouldn't be surprised if there's some real arrogance because of that.

2. There's nothing "cute" about them and I'm don't mean that in a physical way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all. However, ugliness can extend itself pretty deeply within the soul. These people are often cruel, ruthless, selfish, and uncaring to plights of anyone that doesn't fit their narrative/thinks as they do, even those really suffering. I think this makes them among the ugliest people in the world.

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What's the shiniest price of nerd memorabilia you own?

My vinyl Lucille baseball bat. I absolutely love The Walking Dead and Negan is by far my favorite villain in the series. I have a thing for crazy. I also have always loved baseball bats in a zombie apocalypse like setting, so when he shows up with one wrapped in barbed wire that he has affectionately named Lucille, I knew I was in love. In fact, I think I love Lucille even more than Negan himself.

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