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Hey guys! Big announcement.

Zurik23M’s Profile PhotoZurik
I'm sorry to report this, but as you can see I don't use ask.fm anymore (because there is too much spam). So if you have any questions, please email me on instagram or Facebook/Twitter.
But first, go to instagram and watch the section "Q&A" and check if I've already answered the question you are interested in. Thank you for your time.

I was wondering, once Vikings is over, will you ever do a video for Queen Aslaug? I think you'd capture her story beautifully. I feel she's so underrated and misunderstood as a character, so it would be wonderful to see a video on her made by such a talented fan vid artist. :)

I totally agree with you about her. And fact, she is my favorite female character with Helga and I just dream to make a video for her. But I'm waiting for one scene: Lagertha's death. If she does die at the hands of Aslaug's son, I'd like to add this scene at the end of the tribute, because her last words were that her sons would avenge her.
I was wondering once Vikings is over will you ever do a video for Queen Aslaug I

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how to wipe the anime original music an leave the character voice?

It's impossible. Every anime have only 2.0. sound. We have to work with what we got.

Hello Zurik, do you have some image with this quote: "Nothing in this world is impossible, when heart and mind are put towards it." ?

Hello. Oh, sorry, but no.

Question regarding AoT AMVs especially In The End. Do you have the audio files for the voices separately, or do you take the audio from the video files? Sorry if the question is stupid I am new :) Thank you!

Hey. All audio tracks is built into the episodes. In each video program, when you add anime episodes, you will see audio tracks.

Will you be watching Catherine the Great? (HBO) The new trailer looks amazing

I'll add it to the list for watching. :)

hey Zurik! How do you delete the background music from the shows? I wanna do a Vikings video but in s05 e15 "Hell" at the battle there is a pretty loud background music... I tried the Adobe Audution but it works pretty bad and makes the voice robotic..

Hey! Just download the episodes with 5.1. sound. There is a special audiotrack without background music. :)
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videos of the week?

Zurik23M’s Video 155950330172 6r_8sgl-WaoZurik23M’s Video 155950330172 6r_8sgl-Wao

who are your 1.the most favorite and 2.the most hated characters?

My fave are:
1. Reiner Braun (Attack on Titan).
2. Floki (Vikings).
3. Jorah (Game of Thrones).
4. Ciro (Gomorra).
5. Pope (Animal Kingdom).
6. Ashur (Spartacus).
7. Simcoe (TURN).
8. The Swede (Hell on Wheels).
9. Dan Anderssen (Fortitude).
10. Burton (Banshee).
I very rarely hate characters. But if you think about it, over the last year I was disappointed by these two characters and even hated them for what they did:
1. Judith (Vikings).
2. Syd (Legion).
who are your 1the most favorite and 2the most hated characters

Are you proficient in After Effects? If not I feel you should try to learn it. You have an unbelievable talent of capturing emotion in your videos, the best of it i've seen on youtube. If you master AE you will be on another level.

I would love to try my hand at adobe after effects, but alas, my computer cannot cope with this software I can only work in Sony Vegas. Thank you for your words anyway. :)
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Hey Zurik. I uploaded a Peaky Blinders video to my channel last night and within one hour, BBC blocked it from all countries. I have one other Peaky Blinders video that was blocked by BBC but only in certain countries. Do you know of any way to get by the copyright claim?

MGProductions21’s Profile PhotoMGProductions21
Unfortunately this is a problem for everyone who makes videos on Peaky Blinders. My videos are also blocked in some countries. To do anything unfortunately impossible, as the BBC has a strict policy about Peaky Blinders.

Hello I'll start to study filmmaking in Greece and i just want to ask you about editing an already complete movie or tv show. As i saw your incredible videos on youtube i wandering if i want to copyright Breaking Bad for example where should i contact with?

Hello! Oh, you don't have to ask me that, because I don't edit movies or shows. :) I don't know anything about copyright holders and licenses, only that you can use someone else's content for no more than 10 minutes. But there are exceptions if the authors put a strict ban on the use of their materials. You just write in advance to the authors on their Twitter or instagram page that you are going to use their materials and then discuss everything.
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Hey, I'm a big fan of your work. I've recently started a YouTube channel and recorded my very first video for it. Are you interested in editing my first video for me? Let me know if you're interested.

Hey! Thanks! Sure. You can tweet or Facebook me and we can discuss the details.

Hey I was just wondering if you use a script for ur videos and if so what are the benefits of one? Thank you for being amazing!

Yes, I always work with the script. Well, I think the answer is in the question. With the script I have everything ready, it remains only to put everything together and the video is done. :)
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your favorite music playlist plz ?

● - Audiomachine
● - Black Math
● - Greg Dombrowski
● - Imagine Dragons
● - Position Music
● - Immediate Music
● - Two Steps From Hell
● - Twelve Titans Music
● - Zayde Wolf
● - Message To Bears
● - Really Slow Motion
● - Hidden Citizens
● - J2
● - Max Richter
● - Ólafur Arnalds
● - Think Up Anger
● - 2WEI
● - Like Howard
● - Brand X Music
● - William Morris
● - Juggernaut Kid
● - Future Heroes
● - Joseph William Morgan
● - Imagine Music
● - Must Save Jane
● - Zack Hemsey
● - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
● - Blakwall
● - Wardruna
● - Of Monsters And Men
● - Last Days
● - Clint Mansell
● - Nana Mizuki
● - Tom Player
● - Ludovico Einaudi
● - Ryan Taubert
● - Trevor Yuile
● - Ivan Dominik
● - Jordan Gagne
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Can you do justice for Jon Snow after D&D butchered his character?

I hope. But I still can't find the right music for the video. :(
It's like the situation with Jack Rackham from black Sails. 2years later, but I still can't find a good music for him. It kills me. :(
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