Ask @Zurik23M:

Какой фильм из последних тебы впечалил?

Арктика(2018). Я большой фанат фильмов про выживание в условиях дикой природы и этот фильм единственный за последние годы, который достойно и правильно показал волю человека жить и бороться. Советую.

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I don't read manga, but I really want to know what will happen in the fourth season of Attack on Titan. Could you tell me without spoilers?

I'll say in one word - War. In this season there will be the most large-scale events. Forget everything that you saw in the battle for Shiganshina . In the new season all will become even more serious. And also, in the new season will be a new protagonist. This character has already been in all seasons, but now he will have the main role. Get ready for a new emotional story. :)

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Hey man big fan! Asking u because we might have somewhat the same taste lol. i watched, shingeki, Got, black sails, expanse, westworld, narcos, spartacus and more. Can u recommend me a few more? Also whats your fav?

Hey! Of course I can. :)
I recommend to you:
Hell on Wheels.
Peaky Blinders.
Boardwalk Empire.
Animal Kingdom.
The Last Kingdom.
Sons of Anarchy.
My fave shows are among them. :)

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hi Zurik I really admire your designs and work .. I would like to ask you a few questions ... - Have you ever tried educational courses on how to design ....... and what - Can you give me a few tips on how to become like you - How long have you been working Fil field design videos - Is ther

Hi! Thanks for the kind words, but I'm not a professional editor. If you are interested in how I do what I do now, then video tutorials on YouTube from various authors helped me a lot in this. You can type in a search engine and find such videos. :)

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Hey Zurik, I dont know if u are a fan of the Fox's X-men cinematic universe. but I made this and was wondering if you could give me any critques or pointers on the video. Thanks man U are the best :D

Hey! Why do you need my opinion?? :) You did everything right and the story and quality of your video is just so amazing. I think you know it yourself. :) Really good job here. You should proud. :)

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Hey Zuirk, I have seen most of your video im an old subscriber when you had just 10k and I have seen the poor qulity of your arbic trasloters they dont translate good they translte like google and worse so I want to be your arabic translator for english vedios at least just try me

Hey! Wow, thank you so much, my friend! :) It means a lot to me. :) Such a big help, I didn't expect that. :)

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