Ask @a7085:

Brie Larson or Jennifer Lawrence?

I'm neither of those people. Questions like this irritate me. Which do I think is a better actress? Who's movies do I prefer? Which do I think it would be pleasing to hang out with? Who is more attractive? etc. etc.
To start with, they're about evenly matched in many regards. I've seen a few of their movies and TV appearances. There's a few of their movies I've yet to see, but want to.
Of course Larson is infamous for her bigotry and bad attitude, or that's how she comes off anyway. Maybe a couple of moments on the wrong day(?)
Larson was on 'Community'. For some reason that's important to note. It doesn't change anything, but it's still important.
Given that I prefer 'Lawrence', void of context, anyway.

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