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He broke me completely and look at how happy he seems today. Saala kutta zaleel....

Yknow every pain that you go through washes some of your sins away. The more that pain is, the greater the cleansing. Not saying that we should go and seek pain but if you have been hurt, remember that it wasn't wasted.
Plus it's always better to stay away from such attachments because they fill us with doubts and doesn't let us enjoy our lives completely with our true destined match.

My mom is not well😥😥 She was the only reason of my life what if she pass

May Allah give her shifa and make her healthy and happy again. Aameen.
It's really painful to see our loved ones leave us but we also need to remember that if something doesn't belong to us, it'll be taken away from us eventually. If you borrow a pen from someone, you've to return it. People and everything in this world belongs to Allah and He has given us these temporary gifts, He takes them back when their time is up. They belong to Him, not us.
I'm not saying this in case of your mother right now, I pray she recovers completely. But I'm saying this so you create this mindset with everything you have in your life.

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Nobody is ready to talk about how badly women treat a man when they dont want him anymore

This is true. I've seen it happen. It's always really painful to see someone who's so sincere about their feelings feelings, go through such rejection. Whether it's a man or a woman, it's truly painful. But I guess this is life. We have happiness and we also have sadness to balance it out.

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We all deserve someone who?

None of us deserves anyone. After seeing what is happening to innocent people in Gaza, I've realised that none of us deserves anything we have. They are far better than us in terms of their faith but if they're going through this, do you think we deserve anything we have?
Everything is a gift, an amanat from Allah and should be treated as such.

How to move on from break up?

maryamfayyaz8’s Profile PhotoMaryam Fayyaz
Giving it time but also cutting off all contact with the person. Not giving them the opportunity to come back or talk to you until you're sure that you've replaced the time you used to give them with better things. There will come a point when you'll become indifferent to their existence and that's when you've truly moved on. But it takes a little time and a lot of emotional control to reach that state.

Kya Faida Nuclear Power hone ka :) Palestine is bleeding 🇵🇸 Islam k nam pe bani chez Islam ka sath ni de rhe..

Tough times reveal a lot. What our leaders have done is so disappointing tbh.
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What was it that hurt you the most? How was that feeling and how did you cope?

Ssars’s Profile PhotoSayed Sibtain Ali Rizvi
I've realised I didn't know what feeling hurt, feeling pain and sadness was until I saw what's happening to our Muslim brothers and sisters. And if is causing me so much hurt just looking at it or reading about it, I wonder what they feel experiencing it real life.
But the enemy wants to instill fear in us and wants us to feel hopeless against their plans. Shytaan wants us to lose all hope and be afraid of them so this thought keeps me wanting to fight that sadness.

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What do u say about those friends who ignore your msgs after reading it. Basically seen zone you. And then they are seeing all of ur stories updates. So there’s no way they didnt have their phone with them. Mostly they wont reply back n even if they do they say they were so busy or they forgot??

1) they don't have the energy to reply or carry on conversations but they're just checking their social media and what everyone's up to.
2) the tell themselves they'll reply soon but get busy and forget.
3) they don't really find the conversation interesting enough so they don't respond.
4) you guys have been friends for a long time now and the excitement of a 'new bond' so gone but you guys have a lot of fun when you meet up.
5) You're not at the top of their priority list.
But I think it's important to focus on your life and make your own life so fulfilling /exciting that you don't have to spend your days waiting on someone's replies.

People who went through a friendship/relationship breakup, how did you do it?

fatima_anwer’s Profile PhotoFatima Anwer
Usually it's alot more difficult to get over the habit of talking to someone than detaching from them emotionally. Once we understand that it's the habit and not our emotional attachment that's causing us difficulty, it's a lot easier to get over someone.
Habits change! Habits can be replaced. Habits can be discarded completely. Every habit has a trigger that causes us to start practicing it. For example, if you develop the habit of eating chocolate after every spicy meal, you'll actually start craving something sweet every time you eat spicy. The first few times you eat that chocolate after that spicy meal isn't out of craving,its usually just out of curiosity or just for fun. But once it becomes a habit, your brain starts craving chocolate or something sweet after every spicy meal. The trigger in this example is the spicy food. Tahts what kick starts taht craving. Once you understand the trigger, you'll be aware that you're gonna crave something sweet as soon as you have this spicy meal and then you have the option of swapping that chocolate with something healthy, like a fig or raisins.
The purpose of explaining this example is for us to understand what a trigger is and how it can make you crave a habit.
Now apply this example to relationships, identify every trigger that causes you to crave the presence of that person and then replace wanting that person's attention with something healthier. Like taking a walk 🤷🏻‍♀️
Once your brain replaces that person's attention with the habit of walking whenever the craving arises... You'll begin to get over them. This may take a few weeks but it's worth it. You will heal in a healthy manner. Suppression will only cause more wounds.
Obv it's natural to sometimes miss the people we had a great time with but it won't hurt, it'll just come in the form of a few pleasant memories and pass easily. It won't stop us in our tracks or disturb our daily routine.

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