Ask @a_bella_ella2265:

Type of makeup

Highlighter✨ eyeliner and mascara

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Makeup you're crazy about?

Like what brands? Or the type of makeup in general like lipstick mascara?

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How would you change your name to make life a lot more fun?


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Has a boy or a girl ever touched and kissed your stomach if so was it over the shirt or on stomach skin

And why does that matter?

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Have you ever gotten any hickeys if so where at

Why does it matter?

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What is your fave sweatpants brand?


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Have you and your friends ever drawn on each other if so where at

Aria drew on my arm. A sunset.

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Are you still dating Jack?


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What do fireworks make you think of?

Nothing. I don't really like fireworks.

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Name something from the past that you hold on to!


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Which perfume do you use the most?

What foundation do you use and what primer, if you use one?

I use the tarte Amazonian clay foundation and the smashbox photo finish primer.

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Are the people you've gone to school with cooler than most?

favourite bikini?

PAP must-have items for the summer!


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Dream job: Filmmaker or Chef?


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8 for $30 is on at lasenza. Just thought I'd let you know

Um ok

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Do you ever dream of winning a lottery? What would you do with your millions?

How else would you use the shrink ray, other than making a random city as small as your hand? XD Would you actually smash it or just leave it there?

Just leave it there lol

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What are you most known for?

Nothing lol

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It'd definitely hurt them for sure, like if they were only a foot tall you'd probably crush one of their limbs LOL I imagine it'd be quick for them though if they were like an inch tall and you just squished them


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You certainly could if you really wanted to LOL You could just be outside and shrink a random person and go step on them even xD

Ouch! That would hurt lol

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