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I know everything about him but to him I'm just another anon

Nobody knows anonymous people and i believe its the point that being anonymous so that no one could know you.

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Any tips to gain weight?

mahnoorshaykh’s Profile PhotoMahnoor.
Increase your proteins and fibre diet and also increase a little carbs as well. Go easy on salts though. Take your feasty breakfast right after the morning walk and don't forget the sweet yogurt drink or a glass of milkshake alongside. Sleep on time. Take 10 hours of sleep daily. Stay happy. Worry less. And you will see the change in few days.

Apun ko vacations hein... Suggest apun some productive things except gym... Some skill or sumthn fun to learn etc.

Do you know how to stitch a dress like something you are wearing right now, if you are.
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Log kaise badal jatay hain?

fudge14’s Profile PhotoFatima Javed
کیا پتا لوگ صرف ہمیں ہی جھوٹے بن کے ملتے ہوں، اصل میں وہ ویسے ہی ہوں جیسے بدلے ہوئے لگ رہے ہیں۔

Kiya kr rhy ho ap Sach sach btye kiya dekh rahy ho ap is waqt apny phn mein

I am here on this app after months and I am still getting those pointless and purposeless questions I was deleting before I signed out last time.

A women is never responsible for giving birth to a girl or boy A male is. So stop giving them divorces just because you are an uneducated person.

maryamzaroon8’s Profile PhotoMaryam zaroon
Can you change the minds of every elderly in your paternal and maternal family regarding this totally valid point?


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