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I miss spending time with you. I miss when we laughed together. I miss hugging. I miss you. twitter got me in my feelings

i do tooo .

I hate that I miss you. I hate that you forgot about me. I hate that you don't want me. I hate that I still care about you the way I do.

well, that just hit me unexpectedly. i'm not sure how i respond to that...

Just no that I have a idea of who. U miss them dont ya

No, I don't miss anyone. Either make yourself known or quick writing me - goodnight

Why would u write who ever u did? They must be on ur mind heavy

Nope. But after a few things have been said, it made me think of them... that's all :)

How many people do u think this could be than? How about this. Write the person who u miss or who u wish things could be different with

I already wrote someone. I don't miss anyone - I miss memories , that's all. I'm happy where I'm at even if it's rough at times, I wouldn't change it though.

Write me on facebook and ill say yay or nay

That's not cool - if I write the wrong person then I look like a total ass.


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