Ask @aamna__123:

What is your goal?

my goal is to play my role in the progress of my country . my goal is that i want to see each and every child educated and i want to play my part in this mission .
my goal is to change the mindset of my society. my goal is to change their thoughts that daughters cannot earn themselves, they have to get married first . my goal is that i want to see every girl living her life to the fullest ❤ Every girl should raise her voice for her rights without thinking " log kya sochiengy " .

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Eid Mubarak beautiful people 🌹

EID MUBARAK EVERYONE !!❤ may the noor of this eid illuminate your heart , mind , soul and may all your prayers be answered❤ lets spread happiness and love this eid instead of passing comments on everybody like " ye kitni moti hai ye kitni patli hai iska rang kesa hai and bla bla " tell them how beautiful they are and that they are perfect ❤

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How Can Someone Be So Brutal. ! Anything Wanna Say ...... #JusticeForZainab

زکریا فاروقی
I get goosebumps when I think of her 💔 how can someone be so cruel ? she was only 7
child abuse is becoming common in PAK and this is heart breaking
this is only because some of our so called pakistani men cant control thier lust
they should be given extreme pain infront of everyone so that no one again dare to touch daughters and sisters of our nation
stop telling your daughters what to wear how to walk ..... raise your son better !

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