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People having two "A" in their names are unlucky in love.

If someone really finds true love in this Era, I must say he/she must be a luckiest person. Because now a days, people have double standards having fake intentions to enclose yourself and in the end they used you. So, story would be going to end. Thats a true definition of love in this era. 😪

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Agr koi apko bura bhla kahy to in return usy b bura bhla kahen ya chup kr jayen?

So, you should be keep quiet. I want to share an incidence that had been taken place with a sahabah in front of Holy Prophet(PBUH). An outsider used slang words for sahabah and had fallen him down by using abusive language. Meanwhile, Sahabah listened by being keep quiet. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) had kept in smile while had seen that whole scenario but few moments later Same Sahabah replied with frustrated tone and got angry on that man. Our Prophet became sad to seeing abusive tone of Sahabah and went away. That Sahabah asked to prophet (PBUH) why had you gone away when I had responded himself. He(PBUH) replied when you kept quiet meanwhile angels showered blessings on yourself and made prayer for yourself and did respond to that man but when you(Sahabah) got frustrated and replied him back with same negative energy, Angels stopped shower blessings on yourself and they (Angels) unliked your behaviour.

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