Ask @aamnahmuzaffar:

State a Stanza of Love. ❤

No love is very common, lem’me state a stanza of ISHQ.
ISHQ is a feeling which is much higher than love. It’s a kind of love with no lust. A state of mind in which you do not want to be loved in return by your beloved. You just keep loving without any cause, any lust & anything else in return. Even if you cheated or betrayed by that someone. :’) ❤️

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What makes u sad?😐

iqra fatima
- Kids begging/working on streets.
- Old people who don't have a home to live.
- Women who quietly tolerate all the oppression.
- Seeing guys lie to girls just to get in their pants.
- People who flaunt their parents money and think they are superior to others.
- People lying/acting fake just to get what they want.
- Unreasonable restrictions on girls.
And a lot of other things do. They make me sad and sorry at the same time. 🙁

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