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What do you think people think of you?

ilztalha’s Profile PhotoTalha Akram.
Tbvh I don't think I know what people think of me as I play different personality to different people to some I am poor to some I am rich to some I am lesbo to some I am straight so in this scenario I laugh at them when they try to play with my emotions and I laugh at them cause I know the true me 🙂 pure safe game

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What's something you have Finally accepted?

That no matter what effort you put in for some people they gonna think the same of you as they set the first perception about you like if you become bad person 🥹 you go die for them you a bad person.. so DON'T EXPLAIN DON'T PUT EXTRA EFFORT FOR SOMEONE TO LIKE YOU OR ACCEPT YOU 😤 if THEY THINK OF LEAVING YOU THEY WILL 💔😵 ..


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