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I’d say she’s up to something or wanted to break up, to a break, had 2nd thoughts after reconnecting but once she was back with you, realized she was wrong to come back and doesn’t know how to OR have the heart to be honest and break up. she cares on some level cuz if she didn’t? It’d get ugly🤯

She is up to nothing.I'm telling you women are multitask creatures they can do their job and pay attention to their partner and take care of their parents and study for their exams at the same time.this girl obviously want a long break like for ever :)))

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+1 answer in: “My gf wanted a break but we just had one, she said she’s goin through stuff. Do you think she lying”

نترس با من حرف بزن یه روز میگی اینجا و اونجا درست گفت من جنده بودم نپذیرفتم.

بابا تو گاییدی چقد دوست داری حرف بزنی با من بابت اینم پول میدن بهت؟اقا این مادرجنده مغز منو گاییده انقد زر میزنه پولشو بهش بدید وای چرا اینجوری ای تو؟چقد قفلی ای؟بعد همشم کسشر

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