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Lower back pain comes from weak glutes. The only reason I go to southlake is for the glute machine. Wish I had a girl to workout with but I’m victimized by lunatics that won’t stop harassing me until I’m dead, in jail or crazy.

Don't let it bother you fuck them be better than them that will really piss them off.

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It’s a game. Laura and her ppl won’t stop until I’m dead, in jail or crazy. It a damn game.

Games are fun...

I would have wanted to know that I'd never be alone again so I might as well marry her cuz I like her with me, and give her space or she will attempt to kill me cuff me or make be stab my own heart and/or combination of as she chooses???

NoCountrybutTrumpCountry’s Profile PhotoNeckStretcher
All the space she needs...

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They ain’t gonna stop lying Laura, I think you know that. You’re playing a game along with them. Don’t you think I can tell when someones making up some BS? Can’t you? Sure you can. You’re playing a game

I sure the fuck hope this isn't a game cause I love it when my girl fucks other men... Now I'm gonna cry 😭

It sounds based but I just worked out my glute w/ 120 lbs. that’s about what the grocery boy this summer weighs. It’s also about what the new “problem”grocery boy at harwood weighs. I lifted their body weight w/ just one ass cheek! Nice.


I have an interesting question, Jesus died for our sins on the cross and apparently I guess it was done by the Jews, here's the thing though, If the Jews didn't hang Jesus on the cross then we wouldn't have been pardoned of our sins, So did Jews do Christians and Catholics a favor? Think about it...

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The Roman's crucified Jesus the Jewish people were his heritage and they didn't believe that he was the savior... Get your shit straight bruh ...

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Happy bday to me! Another day of being lonely, lied about, hated and cockblocked all over town! Happy bday to me! I guess I feel the same way tomorrow too. Thanks Laura & Co!!!! You guys lie a lot and you seem to enjoy it!

You sure complain a lot...

When was last time you were frisky and how did you deal with it

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This morning and I looked at pictures of my girlfriend on my phone... Cause she's the sexiest girl I've ever laid eyes on.


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