Ask @aatir17:

no i dnt shake hands wid boys if n nly if he is close to me like my daddy chacha phupha or my bhai n cousin bro

dat contains "cousin bro" as well my dea "cousin" nt d blood relation....we do many a things yaar dats forbidden bt still knowingly unknowingly we all do....we make mistakes bt shuld nt forget to talab tauba n yea love everything😉

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u call urself panjetani panjetan doesnt tell u to smoke or drink it is more haraam than any other haraam things

wateva!!! i hate drinking 2ndly i follow wat i can den do it whole heartedly....u arnt in relation? dats one haraam too if ur a guy don u shake hands vit girls? n if ur a girl don u shake hands vit boys? dats haraam as well😊

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