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so u love hanging out wid every girl why so tharki .z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z..z

Hahahaha Why ? you jealous bro

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I know you know people so tell me or else am very naughty.....

Hahahaha .. omg you know who I am ? :O you dont say ?
Yaar dekho .. seedhi se baat hai. Lpc :*
k? ..K!

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That's someone's house....tell me or do you want me to be violent with u

HAHA... Cute.

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Where can we get them.

Second floor cupboard drawer first room on the left of house 21 street 17 falcon complex.

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What makes you cry?

whats your greatest fear?

Life without my mom, dad and sis.

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Ulamba chy yakh shay XD

Fortunately I take care of my hygiene. Thus dont need one cuz I shower twice a day.

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Of course! Hahahahahahaha mannnn you're gullible!!!

Hahahahahahahahaha yes .. >.<

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Anon questions don't need an account


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He's not. He's just fucking with you. Ease hoja :D

BEBO ? O___o

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Hahahahahahahahahaha dude who else knows about that movie and the story? I really thought tu pohunch jayega lekin tu nahi pohuncha bc :(

Yaar meray khiyal say tou sirf aik he banday ko pta hai and there is noo chance that person is on Ask !

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Quick question: why aren't you sharing the questions about "Sex Drive"?

GOD you're an obsessive freak -.-

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So that story about sex drive?

Ahm yea .. Non of your Concern. !

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Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

I'd rather be Insane.. enough to knw not to predent do be a twinkle fairy or a Dog.

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Heard you love "Sex Drive". Is that true? And is there a funny story about it?

Yes I do . And why do you knw this o.O

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Chuss insaan kuch Aur bhi Bol lia kero :o

Kiun tumhari phati hai.

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Tangawal makaawa kaani oo be maandum.

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U r so lame !!!

Ah.. Correction!
And Proud!!

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Which word do you want everyone to stop using?

The one thay starts with 'F' and ends with 'K' ..
Thats rite ! .. 'Facebook' -.-

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بدي استشيركم بشغلة ممكن تشوفو اخر صورة عندي ولو انتو مكاني شو بتعملوا

Bara'ah al-khriesat
:O ? tumhari bhen nay bhag kay shadi kar le ???

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Which languages do you understand or speak?

A little bit of : pushto, french , spanish.
And irony.

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tum motay ho ●_●

compliment : best artist :* ( plus mujhai b bna da plzz )

Manahil Chaudhary
Aww thankyou .. and sure milham ! :)

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