Ask @abdullahfaisal2:

what is the best part of being yourself? 🌻

Some days will always be harder than others. Be patient with yourself; you have won many battles but the war will take time. You can be seventeen or seventy-eight and still make mistakes. Try not to punish yourself too
much over them. Yoo will compare yourself to others, everyone does it, but try to remember someone compares themselves to you, too. Be kinder to the thoughts in your head, you are thinking them for a reason. There will always be that person who you gave your whole heart to and it still wasn't enough for them. But you will always be enough for yourself. And when all's said and done that's the person who lives your life.
That's the person you have to impress.
be a friend to yourself, not an enemy

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Anything you want✨

I want to fight it. I actually want it to be gone. I just don’t know how. Part of me thinks it’s hopeless, but there must be some way out. Imagining the way out
When it’s really bad, it can feel like one of those dreams where you try to move, but every step and every motion feels like you’re struggling to move through something heavy and viscous

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What do you think depression is ?

Faiq Asad
It’s like a disease. It tears you a part. The activities you loved doing like video games, sports,It doesn’t matter. You can’t find any joy in it anymore. You don’t smile much because there isn’t a reason to think. It doesn’t matter how good you have it. Depression makes everything worthless and hopeless. It can make you do many things. Some people are cured from the disease, to others it can be lethal. It’s sad isn’t it?

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