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MAIYDA’s Profile PhotoMaida Shafqat
Life will sometimes teach you lessons you don't want to learn. You knew you couldn't do it, and yet you didn't learn your lesson. You're exhausted, but life keeps throwing lessons your way. I'm exhausted. I'm exhausted. I'm exhausted.
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Mental peace or relationship?

PreciousB0y’s Profile Photor a ض a
Brain stated that I will not bring you mental peace or allow you to be in a relationship. I'm going to screw up your mental health and your relationship.
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If haram was halal for 24 hours what would you do first ?

FahadBhattiJEE’s Profile PhotoFAHAD
My goal would have been to try to do more halal things during this 24 hour haram time because I'm not going to hell because people are already doing haram things during halal times.
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You want them to come back those who left you at your worst?

Secretsuperstar202’s Profile PhotoOreo milkshake
I want them to return and see me at my best because I want to show them what they made me do and thank them for the lessons they taught me.
Without you, I couldn't be anything, but without me, I hope you become the basic bitch begging on the side road waiting for customers.
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