Ask @abramsonrobbie552:

Question of the day? The year you were born, name a popular movie that was released and a popular song that year? you can use google to help lol hope you all are having a good weekend :)

1998 a popular song and one of my favorite songs too was “I don’t want to miss a thing” by Aerosmith
Popular movie again is a favorite of mine called”saving private Ryan “! Thanks for the question I hope you are having a good weekend too .! But I’ve been better tbh😕

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Is there a person who always puts you in a bad mood? If so how do you deal with it?

yes there are a few and a few In my life who do . But Tbh I do my best to not let them get to me and if they do I try and let it go or take a walk because tbh there is no point in getting pissed constantly and if you do then it’s bad for both people not to mention for yourself I’ve learned this and am still learning this I’m can get very miserable and in a bad mood with certain people and it puts a strain on my mood towards everyone and all I do that day and to me it’s not worth it but also not always avoidable so I just try and do my best up let things go and just roll with what’s going on and what that person does or says and just not take things they do or say that out me in a bad place or mood to heart and try and not let it get to me or upset me

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If you could be invisible for one hour, where would you go and what you would you do?

I’d probably rob a few banks and have a bunch of changes of Cloths and shoes and end of ditching the cloths but have layers of it on so all if need to do is take off and throw them out the window and then after around 45 minutes I’ll stop and and pick up my actual car I’d would have stolen w few cars so they could not track me and I would have left my car somewhere hidden and leave the stolen cat hidden leave w small amount of money in the car trasfer cars act natural and be rich 😏🤨🤣

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