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I respect your opinion which is nothing but an opinion ok to Mr.athlete what is the meaning of sport to you and how does bodybuilding fit into your definition ps ignore this if you feel as if it's too hard for you or disrespectful

Bodybuilding gives a beautiful shape and trusts , makes the person mentally , physically and emotionally strong .
All these things require hard training , food divided into several meals and taking enough sleep daily , this becomes routine .
It is considered the greatest sport because it requires great effort and sacrifice .

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مادمت تمشي مستقيماً .. . لن يهمك ان ظهر ظلك للناس أعوج .. استقامتك فى النور .. لا يعنيها ظنون الاخرين 👌🏻❤️........#مساحه

رسائل لا تصل !
أيها القريبون منا ..
الغائبون عن قلوبنا ..
لا زال غيابكم يؤلمنا ..
ولكننا تأقلمنا ، والسلام .

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