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Hadiqa. ✨
Meri, landay k liberals se guzarish hai k homosexuality ko support krna doesn't make you cool, it makes you "dharti pe bojh". Stop normalizing this haram practice in our society. You might want your kids to be faggots but i don't want that to happen with my kids in future. Some fools would be fighting for homosexuals saying "EvErY HuMaN BEiNg HaS ThE rIghT tO bE HiMsElF, StOp JuDgInG, iTs NaTuRaL ThAt tHEy aRe aTtRaCteD tO sAmE gender, ThEY HaVe nO CoNtRoL OvEr iT" wake up you morons before its too late. Allah se daroo sastay nashiyoo.

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