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Sha nak tanya how do you upload video with background song kat instagram/facebook withiut copyright issue? Been trying to google mcm2 dah buat siap purchase lagu but still xboleh upload, cause i guess copyright bukan saja pada piracy lagu tu but using the song utk other's artwork. thank you!


I think it helps if it's not a continuous audio.. with dialogue or the existing video noise. I haven't uploaded in a while - the last few vids I uploaded got copyright notice too, and most of the ones with music was before instagram took that effect.

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Sometimes I had a dream that we were friends. Is that weird? MSA

No, it's not. But perhaps you are friends with the idea of me, rather than, well, me, haha!

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When is your next trip???

Not for a while. My responsibilities are calling out to me here, and to be honest, I'm spending my time enjoying London itself. It's my last year here, so it makes sense to explore a bit more. There's a couple of dream trips for the rest of the year though - let's make it happen ;)

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Love the architecsha thread on ur twitter! pls do more i want to learn!

InshaAllah :D

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What's ur fav thing about London? Or ur fav place? I'm going there soon n i cant wait!

Hello :)

To be honest, I think London has only started growing on me in recent years. I guess it takes time for a place that's supposed to be home, to actually feel like home. For you to recognize, familiarise, and find comfort in something foreign.

My fav thing about it, (Also my least fav haha, depending on how i look at it) is how the city changes, every day, every passing season. You get a weird mix of a really cold, freezing day where the sun just shines in an epic golden hour. You get a really dazzling summer day when it sets at 9pm, before the rain just comes rushing down after. It's the weather, really. The weather that makes the city feel different. It's quite hard to capture something so.. ever-changing.

My fav place - is probably The Monument. It's this tall structure near Bank station that has a pretty great view of London. Hyde Park - because of the swans and squirrels. That, and Sketch. I had one of the best dinner after a really good day at this restaurant called Sketch hehe.

Have fun! It's a great city to get lost in

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sha, kalau nak gerak united states roger ah. boleh jalan sekali hehe

yess doakan rezeki!

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hey! You inspired me to save for travel. and.. make my own money(say no to duit abah) and tak perlu membazir beli benda yg tak perlu hihi and..... bcs of that I have an igshop named after you XD

wahh haha all the best! ig shop tu jual apa hahaha

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Assalamualaikum kak sya. Boleh ke kalau saya nak minta kata2 positive dari akak? ๐Ÿ˜…

Wan Syafiqah Khalisah

Waalaikumussalam. Awak minta ni 2 bulan lepas, I'm so sorry. May Allah SWT bless your efforts, and semoga murah rezeki awak.

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Assalamualaikum kak, any advice study master at UK?


Be determined. Make friends. Remember Allah SWT. :)

You'll be faced with a lot of challenging situations. But know that you'll get through them and it'll be okay.

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I see a lot of ppl ask can they meet / travel with you and etc... but this person just wanna borak without the physical presence through mediums such as irc or msn (back then).... Sooo any way to make this possible? Like nak add apa dowh??!! haha

Haha here is good, maybe. I really don't have much time for random conversations nowadays. I've cut down a lot on unnecessary communication in the past month. There's this saying I heard recently, "only go to a meeting you know the conclusion". It helps not to waste time.

If you wana borak kosong, maybe ask fm is enough :)

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Have you ever wonder what North Korea looks like?

I have, yes. But I wonder more what it's like to be there, than what it necessarily looks like

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When it rains, look for rainbows. When it's dark, look for stars. How about when it rains in the dark? What do we have to look for?

the light inside of yourself

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Hi Kak Shaaa! I really enjoy your writing a lot tauu. So after this I hope you can write about surviving in architecture pulak ke or anything about your travel life lagi. Ahh really hope can meet u and travelling like u one day. Keep on inspiring us with your beautiful word Kak Sha! Hihi - F

Thank you so much! I reeaally havent had much time to write anything at all! I must I must! Thank you for giving me some motivation

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Acacia. Love your new look. Semoga istiqamah sentiasa. ๐Ÿ™†

This meant more to me than you know. InshaAllah. Thank you :)

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Acacia! Selamat berkenalan! Actually lama dah follow insta, but first time rasa nak sapa akak. Teme brought me here. Suka tengok korang. Kawan senyap2, tak heboh. Tapi kantoi 2-3 kali insta story sama hahahahaha. Saya akan doakan korang!

Hahaha doakan yang baik. Ameen

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Teme tu sebenarnya perempuan eh?

ni paling buat gelak gosh no he's a guy

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Saya baru kenal akak harini ๐Ÿ˜Š. Now i'm your fan too. Kirim salam Teme. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Haha nanti saya jumpa dia saya kirimkan :)

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Sha suka tengok drama korea tak?

tak pernah tengok so I can't say. I don't have timeee T_T

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Which Myer Briggs Type are you? If you are willing to share that is...

i got ENFP! Quell surprise. I've done this test a couple of times in the past years. The majority of my results have been ENFP

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Sha. Mcm mana nak contact u selain i need to ask u something. In private. ๐Ÿ˜

hello. aa err DM kat twitter mungkin?

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If you could go back to school, what classes would you take (regardless of major) and why?

Art history in university, probably.
Biology in school.

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Hi Sha. :) Im Farah, currently studying in London. It would be nice if I could meet u and have coffee/tea/hot choc together. U mind?

Hello. I'm not spending a lot of time in London at the moment. But this seems possible. Perhaps sometime this month :)

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Happy #WorldSmileDay to the owner of the sweetest smile in the whole universe. Got the feeling you wouldn't see this on the day itself, but wish aje lah kan :)

I didn't. But thank you for your kind wish! May your smile make you happy and someone else happy this week!

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Hi cacia! What time is subuh prayer at london?

It depends on the season :)

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