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alright forget the people, what role have you played so far for your country's prosperity?

Do I owe you an explanation? Otherthan it lrny ya explanations Logon sy mnagny k bajaye itafaq paida kro aur behtri mulk mein. 💕
💕Aur agr koe kch acha kra to appreciate kro for example India 🇮🇳.
Jaghron sy kch fatah nhi hga marwat sb.
Thank u💕
And sorry agr koe baat buri lgi ho💕💥

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Google's CEO is Indian
Nokia's CEO is Indian
Adobe's CEO is Indian
Amazon's BOD is Indian
MasterCard's CEO is Indian
Microsoft's CEO is Indian
pepsiCo's CEO was Indian indra nooyi
Nasa had 58% percent of their employees are indians
Pakistan had the income through IT is approximately $1 billion/year where india had approximately $142 billion / year.
The country which is more advance in the Technology will win the war just like in a example of history when English people conquer the subcontinent.. Just because the English people was more advance in the Technology
In next few years, India will be World's IT hub. They are creating inventors,
We are teaching our children obsolete and out-dated courses and curriculum.
The books of the course we are covering in our colleges & universities that are written so before our birth.
Think where the hell we are?
where our news channels will telecast programs on IT revolutions and educational competitions rather than Jeeto Pakistan jahan motor bike Hui ifra Ki and ab Auntiyaaaa kahan hain, Peechy deko peechy etc.
I would like to say India you are examplary. We both were separated on the same dates and where are you and where are we?

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کچھ اردو میں شیئر کریں؟

لشکر بھی تمہارا ہے , سردار بھی تمہارا ہے
تم جھوٹ کو سچ لکھ دو اخبار بھی تمہارا ہے
خون مظلوم زیادہ نہیں بہنے والا ,
ظلم کا دور بہت دن نہیں رہنے والا
ان اندھیروں کا جگر چیر کر نور ائے گا
تم ہو فرغون تو موسی بھی ضرور آئے گا...
We are sorry AliWazir

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