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Do you like the song Criying in the club by Camila Cabello?

It's cute

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Tag the first ever vidder you subbed and why you subbed them :)

I don't remember

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[] did josmar give out this coloring? if so what did you change from it? it looks sooo good! sorry this is asking a lot.

Yeah he gave it out, but I changed quite a lot haha

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Your videos are amazing! Thank you for this masterpieces. Could you share the overlays? Please :)

Thanks and you can find most of the overlays that I use on yt :)

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Could you share your render + project settings? 💕

It's just the Internet 1080p

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when are you gonna do another how i edit? loved the first one

Soon I hope! I just don't know what to show y'all

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What effect did you use to make background ( with two clips on it ) at 2:15 to look like disco ball?

Who knows?

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Will you give away the coloring you used on recent ig edit??


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Hello ! May you please tell me where you got this overlay ? Thank you if answered (:

Got it from a friend :)

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would you edit with quit you by tinashe??

Mmm not sure

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[ ] @ 0:07-0:16 whos coloring is that? do they have a video that has a link to it?


It's @risiblexangel91 's coloring, and he haven't given it out

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When is the 2nd video on zane studios?

"Zane" Mood
But I'm only waiting for @risiblexangel91 's part :)

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is the flashing dots or polka dots changing colors in the bg of your chained to the rhythm collab part an svp effect or overlay? :)

It's an BCC Effect

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3 Favorite Shows Now?

1. Dear White People
2. Dear White People
3. Dear White People

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do you have plans to edit with ' the cure '??


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hy !! could you pls tell it's which fandom episode?

1. TVD
2. Not giving that one away

View more where can i find this coloring ?? i cant find it in any place

Hey I tried using one of your colorings and it says an error occurred while loading plug in I have the plug in but is different like in the steps of your video could you please give me a new blue link that works or something to fix it help !!!

I don't have a link but just look it up on YouTube

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top 15 characters from your fav movies and shows?

I'm too lazy

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When will you pick the people for your dreamer collab?

I usually pick after 24 hours

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Have you started any new shows, do you like them?

The last show I watched was 13 reasons why and tbh I didn't really like it LOL, but I'm planning to watch big little lies :)

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Opinion on editors that edit shows they don't watch

I don't get the point of editing shows you haven't watched, like I genuinely don't get it

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What made you want to start vidding? How long have you been vidding for? How did you learn about downloading shows, getting SV, learning to use it etc? What was the first video you made about? And to what song?


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