Ask @acidxpll:

Lets spread some positivity! Tag three vidders who aren't close to you and say something nice about them/their editing 💖

well i really enjoy watching videos by @xMysteriousDarkness , @smska1995 & @charizzaard ! they all have a different and unique flow and i truly appreciate that :)<3

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hey can you pls tell what the fandom is : Thankuh

how many ask followers do you have?

Z i’m famous

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Are you releasing the Secrets coloring? It's soo amazing! ❤️

i'll only be giving that one out to my close friends! x

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I LOVE LOVE your burning bridges coloring, but it doesn't work on svp 13 :/

That's weird since I made it in svp 13

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do you have the link for bcc 10?

It's probably somewhere on youtube

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could you giveaway the share my secret coloring its lit!<3


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If you could have a scene of your OTP doing anything, what would it be?

something naughty xd

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What ship were you like "omg that came out of nowhere" and what ship were you like "wth who ships that?"

William and Noora (Skam) and Delena

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friends share secrets, that's whats keeps us close...


did you like the new youtube layout??? f you don't know what i am talking about here's a link for you activate it

which episode is that of jelena dancing in a circus costume??

hi love ur edits <3 what collabs are you working on rn? ^^

none rn cause i'm on vacation H

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10 Hottest teen wolf characters?

Kira x10

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*one episode challenge [OEC]* you have to make a YouTube video using only ONE episode from any show! it can be your favorite episode from your favorite show, it doesn't matter! hope you will participate 😁

This actually sounds fun,,,, mmm I'll see what I can do when I get back from vacation

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In your opinion who is the best vidders atm? List them (10-15)

I honestly only enjoy watching Chris' videos so how tf am I supposed to list 10-15 ???

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Do you know the name of the plugin or effect from the glitch transition everyone is using rn?

Hey! Just wondering who your favourite lesser known vidders are? Maybe promote some of them XD


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can you tell me why everytime i try to convert something on my mkvtomp4 its just ended with errors?? like it wasn't like that, it happens if every single movie/tv show

Ask YouTube or something

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What dark couples do you ship?

Hey just wondering - if you watch SKAM who's your fave male and female character and your favourite ship :D

Fav female: Sana
Fav male: Jonas
Fav ship: Sana and Yousef

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Cuz you're hilarious omds

I'm really not lmaoooo

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Summer is finally upon us! Do you have any plans for this summer?

Yup I'm going to Croatia on monday and won't be back until August 1st

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