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If you had lots of money what would you do with it?

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if u think that i will Be happy with this all whole Money then the Answer Is wrong !!
i Will Give half to the Poor People
cuz it's Painful to see them in this way…
searching for Food or for Place to get cover
cuz once again They are a human after all like us !!
first Rule of the Happiness is...
1- A lot of people Think happiness is being Rich or Important.
and is completely wrong !!

Do you agree that loneliness can be addictive and therefore dangerous? no

When u know how to live Alone, deal With yourself, and looking for happiness !! For sure
i Guess that u well Naver had any Difficulty with that !!
Shortened, loneliness Can kill u, But if u Know how To Deal with it, you may live more happy
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Actually I read about him from Fb but I forgot😅😅😅

Joaquin Rafael Phoenix
He played the main role in the Joker and took two Oscars
and this pic show us after he took last Academy Award
He eats hamburger with his fiancée
what a man R ?
+3 answers in: “The best thing in your new cover pic is that the lady wera a converse😍😍😍like it😁”


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