Ask @adamdarlington:

I buy and sell antiques, I do concert promotion, and at 28 years old I decided to start my acting career and 20 productions later and one and half year later I am about to go to acting sxhool.

Adam Darlington
Your never too old to change your career, re-arrange your dreams, life isn't a competition it's not about trying to become someone or beat your friends, no one ever said you must be rich in life to be successful or feel achievements, so many things in life are an illusion let me and this inspire you to enjoy your life because it's your life it's no one elses life your rules your dreams and your goals. Please have a read thank you @askfm

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Are you excited for Christmas?

Askfm recently launched coins and i am more excited because it's a form of crypto currency using the same technology as bitcoin they are going to launch "KYC" which all askfm accounts will need to upload ID and passport similar to how our banks work which will element so many fake accounts and bullying on this platform.

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