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Dear social media

Adam Darlington
(Drugs, guns, alcohol, doesn't kill anyone anymore) social media does, if anyone is been bullied or feeling down or depressed it doesn't matter if you have one follower or one million followers, I will and I can support you by having a genuine and friendly conversation, social media destorys real conversations but I will be your conversation at your most depressed times of struggle, money, likes, doesn't solve everything, you can't purchase your emotions, so read this and know at least someone will reply at your worse, I don't care if your fat, thin, black, Mexican, disabled, broke, homeless, artistic, i WILL reply, I don't stop communicating with poeple because they don't have money or they don't have the looks, remember even fake profiles have children, parents and grandparents, feelings and emotions don't let social media control your life it's your life and your life only 😍⛷🏄🏊⛹🚴🏇💪🙌

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it was an absolute pleasure to work with Harry potter legend Rupert grint and Hollywood legend John Malkovich i will appear in episode 3 - what an amazing cast and crew the 3 part drama premiers this boxing day at 9pm on BBC one and it will also be watchable on amazon prime.

Adam Darlington