Ask @adamdarlington:

Joe Jonas account is not verified. What are you saying ?

He removed his verification badge after they verified him, because of abusive messages he was receiving

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I know it might be personal but I’m just wondering what is that you do as a job as I see you’re also verified on ASKfm?

I am a British actor my career is still
Growing :)

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Hey. So I've been listening to what you've said, and I wa wonderingly if you could post a list of the Real Celeb Accounts you know of so that some of us get a little more guidance into who's actually real or not. Like, some "celebrities" on here say they can't confirm their acct on Insta (fake) haha

Yes, I will let you know if anyone joins, and if they correctly submit for verification using askfm support centre - they will have no issues becoming verified if they are of suitable public interest, and an actual celebrity If they are not verified or don't provide suitable ID or video evidence to @askfm then they will not get verified, and then they are probably 99% fake, ASKFM has shown me so much support recently and its time to ensure the fans and teenagers who want to speak to their idol can do that and not get bullied by fake profiles of celebrities.

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