Ask @adamdarlington:

Adam how often do you use social media?

I dont use social media much anymore I have 30 Facebook friends its just full of bu**shit and everyone screenshots EVERYTHING constantly and they is no respect, privacy or understanding anymore, rumours, drama, fake profiles, people like to just talk, talk, talk, all the time, "never judge a person based on the opinion of another person" as high profiled people we all get bullied constantly all day everyday for just doing something we love, if it's YouTube, acting, singing, the music industry and entertainment industry should all be supporting each other away from the fans, but as soon as one person goes a little crazy everyone begins to insult that person for going crazy over the pressure of the media and social media negativity, yet the people who does the trolling of a person who's struggling goes threw the exact same thing themselves, because we are all in the same industry and we all walk the same paths, events, shows, as actors we have worked with the same production companies and actors many times in today's world if two big personalities begin to argue it's the fans of both sides which suffer by arguing and bullying each other it's like one big TV drama.

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How did you get into acting? When did you first figure out that you really liked it?

Hello, well honestly 12 months ago, when i first began my journey, I now shoot an average of 10 to 15 days per month and love every second but its not all glamorous, try doing the same scenes 10, 20 times for 15 hours its hard work. you can see some of my work here its updated monthly

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Whats ASKFM 2.0

Adam Darlington
ASKfm 2.0 is launching soon, ASKfm 2.0 will offer more advanced, rewarding and diverse means of users' interaction within the community that is set to grow rapidly.
By “tokenizing” the platform, we will attract high profile users (what we call “power users”). Celebrities, influencers, athletes and other experts will have strong incentives to become a part of ASKfm by answering questions and participating in Q&As. We also want to give you an option to earn tokens for answering questions and a chance to spend them on asking questions to "power users" or on some cool upcoming premium features.

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Adam, I once saw Selena Gomez going shopping with someone who looked like you.He was wearing sunglasses so I wasn't sure and was just too scared to just approach and ask but was it you?I also had a friend who chatted with someone pretending to be you.So sad,these people live in an alternate reality.

Social media can mentally destroy you when you have a large fanbase its dangerously scary at times the lengths fans and people go too to cause you problems is mind blowing.

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hey. what would youif your getting bullied at college because there is someone at my college and he is starting to bully me please help

Ignore them, try and avoid them, they want you to react and reply and get angry, its because they are unhappy with their own life's they take it out on others who are much happier in life.

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