Ask @adamp5104:

What were your favorite Lawl Movesets of 2018?

Adam Powell
Considering it’s the only Moveset we got from Chin in 2018, gotta go with Sheev from him.
I guess for Lawl X my favorite of the two has gotta be Gordon Ramsay.
Lawl Nova gave us quite a lot of sets the past year, and although a lot of ppl liked Skinner and Vinesauce Joel, me personally, I really enjoyed Crack Figure.
Beatdown only gave us two sets this year, one of them being the most requested in history of the series, and a bonus character... the bonus character took it for me.
For a first time Lawl in 2018, Lawl Zero gave us quite a lot too. Tbh I really liked Space Ghost, Wile E. Coyote and Shaggy.
And that’s all I’m gonna post cause I’m lazy. 😛

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