Ask @adamp5104:

Man, everyone wants him.

Here’s the thing why he’s such a popular requested character, and why ppl think he’ll make it to the roster.
1. Characters like Inklings, Chrom, King K. Rool and Isabelle had Mii costumes in Smash 4, now they’re playable in Ultimate. Geno also had a Mii Costume in Smash 4. If the Mii Costume promotions keep up, Geno could be the next one.
2. It is rumored that another character from Square will be joining the roster. Although he appears in a Mario game, Geno is a character from Square, and it’s a possibility he could be that 2nd Square rep.
3. Sakurai has said that most of the newcomers in Ultimate were inspired by the Smash Ballot, and from what I recall, Geno was a highly requested character.
4. To top it all off, Sakurai himself has wanted Geno since Brawl.

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What were your thoughts on the Nintendo Direct we just had?

Adam Powell
I’ll just go over the things that caught my attention the most.
Luigi’s Mansion 3: HYPE as Hell!
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe: IDK if I’ll buy it, but Toadette in the game and somehow changing into Peach is pretty interesting.
Town: There’s a character named Shipoo... dat funny.
Isabelle in Smash: She looks pretty cool! Idk if I’d pick her over Villager but I’ll actually have to play her before I can pick.
New Animal Crossing: Awesome! If it’s not another amiibo Festival I’ll be happy.
Plus updates on Super Mario Party and Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee look awesome too!

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