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Is a person whom puts their all into everything they do, and puts their family and kids above their own happiness, a "loser"?

No its not.

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When you had a personal issue that felt like it was damaging your life, who did you go to for answers (I don't mean to sound rude for saying this but plz don't say god)

I confide in myself. Starting with yourself and resolving the issue and knowing it is an issue is a start.

Do you watch The news every day ?

News is everywhere. I'm not obsessed with it I currently know how the world is already and we suffer enough. Just do good and be good to others.

What do you want and need in life?

I'm a human being I want a lot of things.
I need in life is my family, friends and a stable career to provide.

if in the future, people as small as 5 cm are produced and sold in pet shops, would you buy them and for what?

I can't even take care of myself, what more another tiny human being. Not ready yet

Were You The Popular Kid in Highschool Who Sat At The Popular Table During Lunch Time

I don't believe in "Popularity".


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