1-10 brp nilai untuk film terakhir yang kakak tonton?

I'm not gonna review Star Wars kok. Oke, after I watched Star Wars, I went to watch Everything is Illuminated [2005] and it was awesome. I have read the book before and I think Liev Schreiber has done it as close as the book told us. Almost every little detail in the book is shown well to fulfill our imagination at their best. The Anderson-esque photography, music, scenery, characters, and the Ukrainian atmosphere when we read the book was delivered perfectly, exceeded my expectation though. The way Elijah Wood acted as Jonathan was exceptional, perfect nerd. Oh lupa, maybe the way the movie told us about Jewish custom wasn't really there, but overall the movie was delightful to watch (if you've already read the book). I'll give 7.8/10. -reanswer cin-

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