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Hello from the other island. How is it going, dedek didit? Almost two years passed.

Frans Hans
Life is good enough, I guess. Just broke up again (because I am intimidating, apparently) and sort of in a non-committed relationship with a cowok gondrong from IKJ.
I'm considering going back to for a while to sharpen my writing skills, because frankly I think leaving this site made my skills dull (though it has made my life much, much more peaceful).
Not interested in the drama.
Skip the drama, stay with mama <3

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w islam tapi memek w jebol dan bau busuk #BanggaMenjadiLonte

Every time asks to verify that I am human, and then showing me the stupidity of the people that bicker and shade each other here, dragging personal issues into the public face and all the vapid collectivism of rabble-rouser anons and users that are ready to hoot and snicker, it makes me more and more reluctant to come back even for a little while. Used to be such a nice place, and it probably is still nice in many ways where people can be exposed to new information and new perspectives, but so many things feel toxic and senseless.

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Menurut kamu pola pikir remaja Indonesia di era sekarang ini cenderung seperti apa?

Lady Silvia
I like the kids of today. They're smart and more open to the world.
Speaking of kids...
Bagi kamu yang sekarang kelas 12!! :)
Yuk simak sebentar informasi dari BINUS University!

BINUS University mempersembahkan BEASISWA untuk Putera/Puteri bangsa.
Dapatkan BEASISWA up to 100% utk biaya DP3 & BEASISWA FULL 4 Tahun Kuliah.
Khusus untuk tahun ajaran 2017/2018 ( Perkuliahan Sept 2017).
And you're invited to Open House
Sabtu, 30 Juli 2016 Kampus Anggrek - BINUS University
Auditorium lt.4
Jam 9.00 - SELESAI
RESERVASI dgn format:
Nama_Asal Sekolah_No HP
Kirim ke :
Safira Anjani
(Education Counselor BINUS)
WA / SMS : 087877278516
BBM : 7573FCF5
Line : firaajn
So what are you waiting for?
Come and join us!

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Today will be such a great day if you answer my question. Do you think that mermaids are real and grow out there but rare to be seen by us? Or do you think that it's just a myth? I'd like to know your opinion. Thank you!☺️

candra hayu prameswari
I don't think mermaids are real or mythical, because the fact is, I don't know. I'd love for them to be real, though! Same goes for aliens, bigfoot, ghosts, etc.
I don't think enough people like to dwell on the infinite possibilities of the universe. I've always thought it interesting how non-Indonesians or more 'modern' Indonesians viewed the mysticism that permeates Indonesian culture. As someone who neither believes nor disbelieves in anything (adjectively described as 'agnostic', but I am not Agnostic™), I have always thought the supernatural to be very titilating. There is something delicious in mysteries and the unknown in the realm of culture, so I'm fine with the ideas of ghosts, spirits, demons, aliens, abominable snowmen, and lake monsters without necessarily believing in them.
I've always been rather dismayed at the sheer binary dialectic of 'theism vs atheism', putting agnosticism in the middle of it, when people's beliefs (or lack of beliefs) are far more complex than such labels. The more established these things are, the more these things are prone to saying 'lol no that's stupid'.
It's always funny how it is so easy to digress stories that seem impossible. A friend telling me that there is a phantom in a photograph that her friend sent her (though very unlikely and is probably a case of double exposure of something of the sort) deserves to have alternative answers. But why? Because it's fun! Because conversation flows beyond things that are given out in cans. That is, if you're up for it. I wasn't, so I invalidated her panic with a logical explanation--which didn't help (though I hardly think a supernatural discourse would've helped her much either).
A lot of things in this world don't make sense. Some have perfectly reasonable scientific explanations, and some are less explainable. So instead of digressing the mystery because it seems impossible, why not give those things the benefit of the doubt? I thought science is supposed to be enamoured by the vast mysteries of the universe in trying to explain it, not rigidly constricting answers into dogmatism. I thought religion was (well, in a more spiritual, less institutional sense) supposed to do the same as well.
I'm not saying that you're wrong when you say that it doesn't make sense, but this doesn't mean that the experiences of, say, people like my friend's grandmother who is able to see spirits (she literally saw a dragon once in a temple) is invalid. We can talk about whether it's possible or not, does it make sense or not, is it logical or not, but one thing is for sure; the experience is real, and that alone deserves some credit.
So, mermaids? Why not?
Pictured: Mak Lampir's lair in 'Dendam Mak Lampir', featuring the statue of Batara Kala, god of the underworld.
#NowListening: Hush, Hush, Hush (Here Comes the Boogeyman) - Henry Hall (

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