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How will you show gratitude today?

Well being a human being there are hundreds to things we all feel ' bhagwan mere sath hie aisa kyu hona tha ? ' everyone does have this moment in life , last 2 years were worst part of my life ! I was just one of the hawabaz college going guy involved in just bunking and passing time in private engineering college ! And one day everything changed suddenly , from going to see doctar with my dad because of me to taking him to doctar for checkups ! College to phir bunk kara but iss baar kaam par jane ke liye ! Initially i was like mere sath hie kyu hua ? But after 2 years i realized things could have been more worse than that , time made me stand on my legs both financially and mentally! And time just passed ! Now this corona outbreak, i'm safe at my home stocked up with all neccessary supplies soo i thank god for everything!

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Give a TBH to yourself 💬

My Name Is My Name
I have been always honest with myself ( after12th )
From considering myself as a friend providing advice to yourself and to limiting my friends coz people are temporary so i only put my energy and time into very few people , i have always been practical and specific in my approach, ik what i want how can i get it . Apart from these i also evaluate my area which require improvement so yeah

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