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Ur video work is awesome mate ! Hats off ! Specially the season review of 2012/13 :') Still gives me goosebumps !

thanks appreciate it

Aditya your videos are simply amazing, well done and keep it up :) could you please do a Robin Van Persie video for 2012-13? Not with "all 30 goals", they exist already, one which also includes his wonderful passing, assists, skills... even celebrations perhaps. You are definitely talented enough :)

will do, at the moment have no time, but in the future def yes

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hi mate can you please give me the specific link to the slow mo clips and promo. i went on fbtz.com or what ever the name of that site you gave me is,and it shows no posts. so i dont know how to get it. and please tell me some of the effects you use on your videos for sony vegas

u need to register to see the post, u can also try this http://forum.rojadirecta.es/forumdisplay.php?4-Media
as for effects, you can just search for tutorials on youtube.. there are tons of stuff over there

hey can u upload dat match match hightlights of manutd 4-3 newcastle boxing day match

sorry mate dont have highlights for that match..

Where do you get your music from simply superb..

lot of research, looking at tons of other videos/movies/tv series... thats the most difficult part to select the correct music..

Can u do a video on FA match against arsenal 1999? Please :)

sorry mate cant, too busy with work and other videos

any video on carrick aditya ?hope u r working on it :)

yes working on it, but still long way to go before its complete

You're a legend mate, your videos are absolutely unbelievelable, cheers from Bosnia!

thanks, appreciate it

Best tribute ever seen. Please advise how you did two colours effect white and red. Is it there are different text or one text with two different colours? I am using sony vegas. how have you accomplished this. I am creating tribute video for Artist i follow. Please advise i have to complete this vi

hi mate, sorry for the delay in writing back.. that was not created in vegas, it was done in after effects.. AE allows you to change color of each individual text.. Sony vegas doesn't.. so i created the text in AE and then got them imported in Vegas.. hope this helps

Next vid my son?

it will come soon, i am waiting for the transfer window to complete so i can know who we signed and who we dint and make the season promo accordingly..

Hi Aditya! Just wanted to say you make great United videos. My favourite one, is the Scholes-tribute. But I noticed the audio is removed (Silly Rights/Youtube etc) Is it possible you can email me the video with Audio? my mail: sneffa23@hotmail.com

thanks for writing in, here is the link to the scholes video on vimeo

Where do you get all your comps from...

Well there is no easy answer to that, plenty of hard work, night long downloads.. from torrents, public and private forums as well...

Cant wait for the new vid. Can you give us a time in GMT. Cheers

Well you dont have to wait anymore, the video is out.. Check it on my YouTube Channel

Is the video ready? Been 4 days already, dont mean to be impatient, but these vids are good?

should be out tonight or tomorrow morning, thank you for your patience

Moyes 1st day. Any vids?

nope, busy with the season review video.. ll make a promo for the new season when it begin in august..

When are the next few videos comeing? You should make documentaries which are about 30-50min long

haha, the next video will be out in the next 3\4 days.. as for the documentary i dont know.. that would take insane effort and time.. may be in the future...

Love Manchester united...and u make it even better with all ur videos...congrats brother...and waiting for ur next one

cheers mate, the season review would be out this week


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