Ask @adizz00:

Which anime was the biggest positive surprise to you this season? (biggest negative surprise?)

Let me choose from ones that had no prequels :)
Possibly, the biggest surprises for me were 'KonoBi' and 'Amaama to Inazuma'. Both of them are very precious for me :)
Biggest negative surprise? Handa-kun. And sorry, but I have to say ReWrite, as well... Handa -kun, because it's annoying AF. ReWrite is getting so much jumbled and complicated that it's like a knot, that you can only cut with a knife to undo :S I dislike stuff like that :(

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If you could become any type of anime character you wanted to, what kind of character would you be?

I would like to be the 'adventurer'-type of ckaracter, if I have to be specific, I'd love to live like Kazuma from KonoSuba, in an RPG-world. Doing quests with such nice looking party members would always be fun :)

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How often do you change your wallpapers (desktop background)??? And do you use the same picture on all of your machines and operating systems or do you change them??? And how do you sort icons on them??? (put them around a character or just in columns???) (Picture demonstration much appreciated :D)

I settle mostly down on wallpapers for around 1-2 months. Till then, I find another chara close to my heart, so I keep them changing. My desktop PC-background is currently Revy ( I'm pretty sure I showed that background already :) I have currently no clue, who I have on win 8 X'D on KDE, I have Karen from Kiniro Mosaic. On phone, I have a Chiyo-cosplayer. Mostly, I leave my desktops without icons. I pin the most necessary ones onto my tray.
Oh, right! I have on win 8 Elesa /Kamitsure in JPN / from Pokemon ^ ^
I actually started to draw again yesterday, I plan to make a wallpaper from the drawing :)

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What do you consider as yourself??? (your body, your thoughts, your "soul", your online personality, your offline personality, all of them, something else) (Example: I consider "me" as software, doesn't matter on what, as long as it meets the minimum requirements for the "me" to function.)

I consider myself an average guy, with a too tryhard-ish sense ^ ^;

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