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Age? 2. Fave colour? 3. Height? 4. Single? 5. Virgin? 6. Wear thongs? 7. Type of & colour of underwear now? 8. What's your sexiest underwear like? 9. Bra size? 10. Been fingered? 11. Do you masturbate? 12. Gave a bj/toss? 13. oldest you would date

Almost 17, 5'2 , idk if I'm single , Virgin, never been fingered never given a blow job idk if I will depends why are you asking me , thongs, these sexy ass underwear I bought at the mall and probably 19

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Out of all the guys in your life you have dated (how many is that btw and names?) who do you regret and who do you miss ?

Ty Simmons
Kyle nipper
And Julian but can't really count him he was fucked up when we met ..
And I can say I regret but wouldn't date Ty ever again and I don't miss any of them I've moved on. I dated these guys freshman year.. I couldn't miss anyone for 3 years lol

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