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Do you wear any jewelry?

My wedding band is the only thing I wear on a regular basis. I'll occasionally throw on a necklace or bracelet as needed though; I'm favoring necklaces of Makoto and Rei's symbols (killer whale and butterfly, respectively) from Free! at the moment. Can't wear earrings though. My piercings get super sore nowadays if I wear earrings for any period of time. Sucks.

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How did you come up with your username?

"Aeriven" (pronounced "Air-eh-vin") was the name of the first D&D character I made, a moon elf sorcerer. I found the name while digging through a myriad of "fantasy name generator" websites. I liked how the beginning of it reminded me of Aeris from FFVII. I didn't play that character for very long (we stopped playing after about five sessions), but I've always liked the name so it's become my go-to online.
...Thinking about this reminded me that I made that character at least ten years ago. Damn, I'm old. >_<

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what are some anime that you expected to not like but ended up liking? Vice versa?

I don't really watch shows if I think I won't like them, but I've been surprised by how much I enjoyed something when I watched it out of mild curiosity or because it had enough hype built up. Ouran is definitely a big one there. I figured it would be enjoyable but it quickly became my favorite series, and I really didn't expect to latch on to it like I have. Also, I don't think I expected to like CLANNAD as much as I did when I watched it. The show's not in my top ten, but I watched it to see what this "moe" thing was about (when that stuff usually sounds unappealing to me), and AS especially had me pretty captivated.
I've got a decent sized list of stuff I expected to like but didn't. Following off of CLANNAD, I watched Air and Kanon some time later, and couldn't stand either of those. I figure CLANNAD was all the moe my system could handle. I definitely didn't expect Sailor Moon Crystal to be the train wreck that it is. I got about six episodes in and haven't really cared to continue to keep up with it, but maybe I'll marathon it when it's over. Another I thought I'd like was BLOOD-C. CLAMP works were what got me into manga years ago so I watched that thinking it'd be pretty good. NOPE. Also, the Umineko anime. I love those sound novels so much but that anime was such a shit adaptation that I'm angry it exists.

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What was the happiest moment of your life?

The very first time I saw my son. The final weeks of my pregnancy was rough due to preeclampsia (was hospitalized multiple times when my BP spiked), and I had some complications during an already difficult delivery, so as soon as I saw my tiny little guy, and realized that despite everything, he was okay, I was more at peace than I've ever been in my life thus far.

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Greatest video game accomplishment? (i.e. completing a hard game, or winning a Super Smash Bros. tournament.)

I used to be really good at DDR in my early 20s. Was able to do a few songs on the hardest difficulty, and I used it to lose some weight back then.
Another was beating Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts at around level 65 or so, back when the game was still new. I can't remember if that's really good or not, but some of my friends thought it was crazy that I managed to win without being at max level.
Also, getting 100% in Final Fantasy X-2, because it took me beating the game three times to get that, but I never grew tired of playing it. My party was a freaking powerhouse by the end of that last playthrough.

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What are the best and worst things about living in Alabama?

Best is mostly being around the family and friends I'm closest to. Also the whole Southern hospitality thing. I've been blown away by the amount of support I had when going through major life events.
Worst is that I don't share the same personal beliefs that most people who live here do, and it contributes to my being socially awkward. I skew liberal and am not really religious, so while I have friends who have similar beliefs as me, I feel like I don't really belong down here.
Honestly though, I don't have it too bad where I am since I'm in one of the most developed counties in the state. If I was in an area that was mostly out in the country without Internet or major shops and restaurants, I would've fled years ago.

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You order at your usual place with your favourite drink and they get your order wrong. When you receive your drink what do you do? (For the people who don't like coffee.)

I'm so non-confrontational and socially awkward that unless it's something I know I won't like or I was dead-set on having that particular thing, I just take whatever I was given. I tell myself that it's an opportunity to try something different that I may end up loving. :P

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Most fond outdoors (camping, hiking, mountain climbing) memory?

kittykatstar’s Profile PhotoKittykatstar
The street I lived on as a kid had a natural forest area with a 3-level waterfall and a lot of large rocks to hide around. My friends and I used to play down there all the time. I drove by there recently and the area is so overgrown that you can't really get down to the waterfall anymore. Lots of wonderful memories with old friends in that place.

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What's something you're looking forward to in the next year?

Seeing my son growing up and becoming more like an actual person. He manages to surprise me with something new nearly every day. It sounds silly, but just this past week, I was able to hold a small conversation with him for the first time and it surprised the hell out of me. It was something simple like:
"Do you want [food item]?"
"Then how about [some other food item]?"
Most of what he and I talk about is him pointing something out/naming something he's seen or just babbling about whatever he's playing with, so that little exchange was kind of mind-blowing.

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