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A few people say that aurat pairo ki jooti hai and agar barabar ka darja diye tho sar pe nachte... what do you have to say about that? A man used these words infront of me and I was like "Uncle aapku taif bhejna padta ab" (taif me bhot bada mental hospital hai" ~Mithu Miyan~

Addu Kaddu
Maa ke khadmo'n ke neeche Jannat hai. ❀
Uncle ku puchna tha uno unke mom ke paer'on ke neeche rehna pasand karte ya mom ku apne paer'on ke neeche rakhna. :')
Everyone should respect women. ❀
Paer'on ke neeche nahi. They are above everyone. 😊

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❀️=Tbh,your clicks are super cool mahn πŸŽ―πŸ‘Œ and your answers are on point and very intresting 🎯 I haven't seen any kinda abusive language on your page which is truly great and very hard to find! Just stay the same and keep spreading happiness brother 😊 would love to get clicked by you somedayπŸ‘ŒπŸ™ˆ

Junaid Aziz
Haha. Thank you bro. Means a lot. :D
You have got amazing body tho. Stay blessed. :')

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Do you have any regret in life so far?(s.t.a.i.f)😊

No, i dont. Whats the use of even having any regret? You cannot go back to ur past and improve/correct ur mistake, nor can u just erase everything that has happened to you. What i did at any point of my life was justified and was right at that point. It may have led me to the wrong thing, but It made me who im today. :') If i wouldnt have committed any mistake in my past, or would have been regretting and crying over it, i wont b where ever im today. :) So. No regrets. Mistakes just teach you lessons which u could have never learnt, if you just wanted to b free of sins. Live ur life happily, for regrets drag u back in ur life.
-His girl. <3

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desi relationships be like?

1 - Yaar valentines araha hai, I'll bring the best thing for her. (At the shop): Bhai zara jo cheez 150 k andar ajaye, wo pack kardain aur tag utaar dijiye ga.
2 - "Jameela tum hargiz apni picture nahi lagao gi as a display, I JUST CAN'T BEAR ANYONE LOOKING AT YOU! (with a best friend): Yaar wo Fatima ki dp check ki? Hawwttt!!!
3 - Tum bas haan kardo, mein abba se fauran humaray rishtay ki baat chalaun ga, dekhta hoon kaise rokte hain mujhe! (With abbu): "Abba jee, bathroom chala jaun?

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Uh, hey. No offence, i really had did ques PLS ANS DUDE. Well.. dont u feel like.. congested or sumthing.. cuz u hve known a girl for so long and ur still 18,then u gotta marry and spend really WHOLE of ur lyf with one girl... Cant ditch or see another girl. Well, u just got one life an ...

Well, you need to learn the difference between love and lust. :')
Why would I feel congested? You might feel congested if you have a girlfriend and you even want to date other girls. :) But I don't have the desire to date so many girls. It's not a numbers game bro. :)
Exactly, I have got one life and I'm enjoying my life. I'm living my life to the fullest.
And talking about having female friends. My girl has no problem with that. She lets me do whatever I want.
What's the problem in spending your whole life with a single girl? Having a girl who supports you, understands you. For whom my happiness matters the most. I guess having a single PERFECT girl is better than dating 10 different girls. :)
Surah 24, An-Nur. Ayah 26:
"Impure women are for impure men, and impure men for impure women. Good women are for good men, and good men are for good women; such are innocent of that which they say: For them is forgiveness and a bountiful provision."
Now you can carry on with dating 10 different girls till you are twenty five. Enjoy your life mate. :)
But I don't want to live my life that way. :)

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Like = Tbh ; My life. My world. My everything. :')) Cute AF. Ma sha Allah. Glad to have u in my life. Lucky im. You are such a big sweetheart. :)) Amazing answers. People are just jealous of u. Us. So, Ignore the haters n dgaf. Ily. :* #Stayblessed #Bucchi. :*****

This was so sweet. Ma shaa Allah. Thank you so much. :* Ilym.
And yeah, Idgaf about haters babe. :*
And I'm really lucky to have you in my life. ❀ Stay blessed. :)

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