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do you know if there's something between uee and nana? People are saying they are not close anymore or hate each other. like on nana's birthday. she wasnt there. and what happened to eyoung. I dont see any news of her anymore.

i think at this moment in time theyre all just focusing on themselves and taking a proper break. i dont think any of them have any issues with each other though so i cant really comment on that. admin B

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What's going on with the Playgirlz Times magazine site? When I go there it says "This blog is open to invited readers only", it been like that for a while now.

It's under construction :) we are still coding the past Playgirlz Times issues so that people will not only be able to see the latest one, but the past ones as well.

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pledis need to strengthen AS vocal lines. like eyoung, lizzy, nana and ka eun. ka eun is so good. she can sing well while dancing. if pldis do so, thy just need to add powerfull rappers in AS.

its not that they need to add anyone else, its that they need money to promote who they already have. even the most popular idol groups have at least one person who doesnt sing or dance as well as the others but that group still has public recognition because of fans. one of the reasons why AS arent so popular is because right after BOY, they had an 8 month gap and then released bang which was popular but their competition was SNSD and Kara. since then, their comeback times have been growing and people have started to loose interest. another reason is the graduation system. everytime a member leaves, their fanclub numbers drop and loads of fans leave the fanclub too. admin B

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eyoung need to push herself like seriously, her vocal is ok bit since she cant sing while singing, thats make she get less line in songs.

i actually think eyoung already does a good job. shes not a strong singer but shes stable and her dancing is good. whenever she gets onto a variety show, you can see her hard work. all she needs is an oppurtunity to really show her talents. its not pledis's fault that that there are so many other talented and beautiful idols out there that are more popular which results in people like eyoung not getting a chance to shine. admin B

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i hate to see people bash JA a ps bitch. coz for me, she just got the double eyelid ps and whitening her skin colour. her nose like that since Ah tho😈 JA looks more hot and beautiful with her original skin colour. so sad to see she did the whitening😢

when people are insecure about themselves, they hate on other people in order to make themselves feel better. its not that they hate on JA for her surgery on her facial features, they hate on how she continues to plump up her face and try to make it look younger. 99.9% of idols get whitening treatments done and thats not even a big deal, its just like tanning but the opposite. admin B

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Is their a possibility of AS to disband soon ? Pledis really seems to be in a bad spot financially...

it is possible but remember that rumour about pledis making OC into an official group and AS going through a concept change or something, I feel like AS might scrap the graduation concept because it seems to be their main failing point but I dont think theyll disband anytime soon though. admin B

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