is climate change legit? or the things that environmentalists do are basically useless? would you try to stop using plastics?

It is legit.
However, since you mention plastics, I have to give you a bad news, and this one is pretty much technical.
As for now, you can not eliminate the usage of plastics.
There are a lot of good reasons on why plastic is widely used, but not the substitute materials (or rather the material that is replaced by plastics).
1) Plastic (be it PET, HDPE, PTFE and stuffs) are synthetic organic compound. It is mostly made by processing petroleum, but it doesn't rule out other organic compounds to be processed into plastic. Since it is pretty much synthetic, plastic is quite homogeneous, that means, plastic mechanical properties are quite consistent and predictable, unlike wood and other natural materials. This one is really helpful in terms of design and quality control.
2) Plastic can be processed in a lot of ways, depending on the application. It can be blow-molded (as in plastic bottle), extruded (pipe, tube, railing), vacuum-formed (a lot of plastic casing), or injection-molded (by injecting a molten plastic through narrow tube to the mold to make a complex shape plastic). This one is crucial since manufacturing of plastic products doesn't waste a lot of materials, unlike metals and wood which in most cases has to undergo machining processes.
3) Whilst plastic doesn't have that kind of absurd ultimate tensile strength as metals, ceramics, it is still quite durable, light and cheap. This is perfect for any application that is not "load bearing" such as phone casing. Polycarbonate is perfect for that, sometimes polypropylene, sometimes HDPE. In some cases, it can be made into ballistic helmet such as UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly-Ethylene).
You can't eliminate the usage of plastic since it is a versatile material to begin with.
However, if you want to still be an "environmentally friendly" guy, we also have this "biodegradable plastic" such as polybutylene succinate or polycaprolactone.
Or maybe, most plastics can be subjected to pyrolysis in order to make liquid fuel, such as gasoline, kerosene or diesel.
It doesn't rule out that liquid oil created that could be used to make hydrogen (pure hydrogen) by using partial oxidation to hydrocarbon liquid produced by pyrolysis of plastic, which creates carbon monoxide. You might think what's the point of making a toxic carbon monoxide? That stuff could be used in blast furnace to process iron ore into pure iron which can be made into different alloys of steel. And do you know that steel is the backbone of modern society due to its cheap and strong nature?
We can't eliminate plastic, we just have to be smart in how we use it or how we dispose it, or on how we reprocess it.

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