What would happen if our military had China defense budget?

I assume that this question refers to having the same defense budge as PRC whilst maintaining current spending on everything else.
According to Global Firepower.com, Indonesia spent approximately 6,9 billion of USD, whilst PRC spent 151 billion of USD.
That means, PRC spent 23 times as much as we do for defense purposes.
So, how does that translates to real life?
After sorting through tons of stuffs about TNI salary (base salary + allowances) an unmarried, child-less lowest ranked soldier who just recently got into service would receive 4,67 million rupiah. Now multiply it by 23, we'll have 107,41 million.
Obviously, that won't be the case even if they keep the same amount of active personnel. Yes, they will increase the salary, just not that drastic. Just for your information, US Army enlisted private would receive 10 times (after allowances) the amount of our enlisted private. I don't think that our soldiers would receive that much of raise, but certainly they will. How much? No idea.
Since salaries doesn't cover 100% of military spending and we obviously won't raise it by 2300%, we're going to have a really massive amount of money to be spent on a lot of stuff. We could increase the number of active personnel. Assuming that we increase the salary by 1,5 and the amount of active personnel by 5 times, we're going to have 2,18 million active personnel. That will cost us 7,5 times the our current spending for salary.
We're still going to have more than enough money to do R&D, PR, armaments acquisition, more and better training or even waging war somewhere else.
Since I doubt that we're going to have 2 million of active personnel, I think our military would focus more on actually getting newer, better and even more toys for our troops. Replacing a lot of aging ships, tanks, planes or even equipping our soldiers with better rifles, armors, communication gears. We will have a fleet of cutting edge destroyers. We will have a fully armed squadron of fighters at the ready. We will have a wall of unstoppable main battle tanks. We will have a well trained infantry.
That happens if we have 23 times more military budget than we have right now.
And I think that one is quite overkill for us right now. We can just take a portion of it since even now our military spending has the biggest portion and suddenly, we will have one of the best infrastructure in whole Southeast Asia. Our teachers will have better salaries and we can even make our education free, right from the bottom to the top. We can make sure that everyone could have affordable health care.
Imagine that. How powerful we will be.

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