happy birthday, ATM!

Thanks anon. You're actually the first one to say that today.
Actually, I neither receive gift nor giving one. My project is not yet finished as for today.
So I tried to make up for that by going to a Museum Brawijaya.
Why that museum? Why not Museum Angkut (if you're familiar with any tourist destination in Malang).
That's not the first time I went to Museum Brawijaya. Yet, whenever I went to that place, I felt that I want to stay on that museum just a little bit longer.
That place is basically where I can physically see a lot objects that I always wanted to see when I was a kid.
I've held M1 Garand before as part of my training in Menwa.
I've held M1 Carbine
I've held FNC
I've held M16
I've held AK-47 (as in the first serial production of it)
Yet that museum is the only place where I can see MP40, Lee-Enfield, G3, MG42, M2, M1919, BAR, Boys, Bren, Madsen, Hotchkiss, Lewis, PIAT, Oerlikon, for real.
It's a small museum, but a beautiful one.

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