What was cool when you were a child but isn’t cool now?

1) Physical pranks
Imagine playing a football (soccer if you're not that cultured) with your friends, but the catch is, it is a plastic ball.
So one of your friend had this bright idea of making a hole in it, filled the ball full of sands, and put it on the sideline. And when one of your friend who don't know anything about the ball went by, everyone start calling him since they know that he likes to play football a lot.
So he ran into the ball, assuming a shooting position, aiming for the goal, and when his feet hits the ball, basically just tripped and rolling on the field whilst holding his feet. As for the ball, it rolled, but only for 30 cm (a foot).
If you do that right now, you might get yourself into a problem.
2) Friendster
It was cool back then. Any cool kids and "kool kidz" made friendster account, and posted cheesy as fuck quotes and posts, decorating their pages with glittery stuffs.
Friendster is pretty much dead now, and what those "kool kidz" did back then would be an eyesore right now.
*to be honest, I never made friendster account, just by observing my sister and my friends.
3) Any games on facebook.
Now we have Google Play.

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