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Mani I'm really tired by my family they forcefully make me engaged to a guy and they tell me everyday to talk to him and when I do they speak behind me saying that you don't know how to talk and all makes me embarrassed infront of him

What ? Why they force you to talk some guy. What they want ? Or They want that one guy as son in law ? I really don't get the point.

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+1 answer in: “Nohing is going right my family always makes me feel down infront of everyone making me embarrassed and all I'm sick of them and tired wish I could run away I use to do things I don't wanna do forcefully they make me do this”

Nohing is going right my family always makes me feel down infront of everyone making me embarrassed and all I'm sick of them and tired wish I could run away I use to do things I don't wanna do forcefully they make me do this

Why don't you get married ? Running is not an option. Be cunning , don't take anything serious. If you become annoyed then be annoyed. You are in hell then enjoy the hell and laugh. Just do this , miracle will happen. When you accumulate or repress something, then you are a store of poison. Life in this moment can be heaven or hell. It depends on you. Your family is not the reason , you are the reason. Yes, it's your choice to live in heaven or hell. Just change your inside mechanism. Change your attitude towards life. Whatever is happening , accept. The very acceptance is freedom. Running is like escaping from one prison to another. Grow your intelligence. By the way who are you ?

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Can one live a happy life with the person who loves him/her but he / she are not sure about their love for that person ?

The questioner is not concerned about love but the mind. Love is not difficult to feel. Love is visible just like sun is visible in sunny day. Sun can be looked and felt too. Understanding someone mind is difficult , what is in his or her mind, you have to attain the power of vision. Love is felt at once. Everyone has the capacity to feel love as everyone has experienced love in childhood. Don't use the sacred word "love" instead use "mind". You are in mind game my friend. Cheers.

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People not make friends make Classes of friends Matlab class Enjoyment class time pass class upper class lower class No one make a true friendship class. No one take a pain of friend.

What is a "friendship class" by the way. Grow up dude. Friendship is a business. Nothing is free. Every relation is joined by some type of benefit involved in subtle way. If no benefit is involved then be certain , both are stupid. Lol

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2018 is about to end something you wanna say?

There is no 2018 for me. This is just a number. There is only "is". Time is not relative. Every moment is separate. We have only one moment and every moment is new. Past has no relation with this moment. The time is only "this". Clinging to past , and hoping for future , you are missing this moment and this moment is eternal. This moment is life. If you are happy , there is no time for you. If you are in love , there is no time. Time is for those , who are unhappy with the present and hoping something good in future. Isn't ? Cheers.

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Thank you. And pls explain these two lines too. Sar gae bhag sassi de ... Te tu ki lekhan wich wekhay..

This Poetry is about "fate" and mythical character of "sassi" is all about "bad fate". What could be done about fate. Fate is beyond from oneself. Disastrous changes can be occurred in days. Emperor went beggar in history in days. So, here , Sassi is most unfortunate character in mythical story of sassi-punu who suffered badly. Long story short , Poet is emphasising to be egoless. You are no-thing to existence. When kings dies what happened to universe ??? Air blows , sun rises , universe continues, totally unconcerned. Yes unconcerned. So you are NOTHING. Don't be egoistic. Cheers.

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Can u pls explain this to me? Je Main Vekha Ta Oh Vekhe Nahi,” Je Mein Na Vekha Ta Oh Vekhe, Aise Kismat Mere Kitthe K Mere Vekhan Te Oh Vekhe, Yaar FARIDA Buhe Yaar De Vadiye, Cahye Oh Vekhe Ya Na Vekhe.

Beautiful poetry. " je mein vekhan tan o vekhe nahi", this is the mechanism of mind. Beloved is somehow egoistic. Ego first response is always no. Love is not ripe yet. Lover and beloved planes are different, poet is trying for same plane. Lover has dropped the ego, though complaining in subtle way but beloved is involved. Beloved is curious, interested but somehow egoistic. Though lover want and dreaming her beloved on his plane, fly side by side but At the end, lover has surrendered. Egoless is ultimate and has happened. Poet has dropped from head to heart. Logic , conclusion, wishes , dreaming all left behind and ultimate has happened. Lover is no thing at end just pure being. Cheers.

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Is it okay if a girl ask his fiance whether he's virgin or not

No. It is not the way. Never ask. It is foolish, Immature and stupid thought. Never inquire about the past of your partner. Most probably he may or may not be virgin but what is the point ? Don't take marriage as love. Marriage is not love. Be cleared. it is a compromise , adjustment , mutual bargain. Accept what he is, right now otherwise you will loose your place in his heart forever. Girl should respect the ego of boy and boy should respect the emotions of girl. This is key. Always remember.

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