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If you could meet anyone in this world today, who would you meet? 🖤✨

FiaSaif’s Profile PhotoM.
I wish I could meet 20yo me, just so I could slap myself across the face :)
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Wat zou je ervan vinden als de dienstplicht in Nederland weer wordt ingevoerd? Zou je dan het leger in gaan?

..... Aho!

Suna hy izhar sa dil tooth jaya krty hain, chalo is bar khamosh mohabbat krty hain🔥

Na kaho ~ Na sunoo ~
Khamoshiii ~ Guftguu ~ honey lagii heyy ~
This song by Aaroh ❤

How do you define attachment?

Hooria000’s Profile PhotoHOORIA RIASAT
I don't :) I'm so anti attachment k men to email k sath bhi files nai attach kerta :) PFA likh k Khali emails bhej deta hun :) :) :) :')


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