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Do you feel that someone loves you?

Ofcourse I do. Infact I am surrounded by different kinds of love.
The love of the Creator Almighty.
The love of my parents who still take me as a 2 year old.😄
The love of my siblings which starts from fight and ends with laughter.😊
The love of my friends who make me act silly.😋
The love of all the universe because it was created for me as I was created to complete it.

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When l start speaking l bcome nervous nd my tongue slips and its very embarrassing and l think that everyone treats me like a kid and don't respect coz l can't deliver what l exactly want to say and a many times my voice volume is so low that no one could hear me and they don't even notice l talked

Try listening carefully to what others say , formulate your words in your mind. Feel free and confident to speak what you think is right , no one's gonna hang you for that. Have trust in yourself and you'll surpass these hindrences for sure.

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+2 answers in: “How to talk fluently and be confident so that everyone respects u?”

تیرے بخشے ہوئے اک غم کا کرشمہ ہے کہ اب جو بھی غم ہو مر ے معیار سے کم ہوتا ہے یہ بھی اک رنگ ہے شاید مری محرومی کا کوئی ہنس دے تو محبت کا گماں ہوتا ہے

عشق قاتل سے بھی، مقتول سے ہمدردی بھی
یہ بتا کس سے محبت کی جزا مانگے گا؟
سجدہ خالق کو بھی ، ابلیس سے یارانہ بھی
حشر میں کس سے عقیدت کا صلہ مانگے گا ؟

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