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Happy New Year❤️ Wishing you and Your family the happiest of the new year. May this new year bring new hopes , prosperity and love. Regards, Zarish Mir

zarish_mir’s Profile Photoزارش مير
Thaaank youuu so much for this kind message sweetie & for everyone who’s reading this; i’m wishing you all a very happy new year. I hope you achieve your goals or get closer to them; I wish you happiness and lots of blessings. Lots of love for you and your loved ones and be safe, pls💘🎉

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I wanna be like you but i can't. 😣

aw this is so cute and for that i thank you 💞 but at the same time it’s not cute bc u’re saying u want to be like me but u don’t have to be like me. u are great just the way u are hon, and ur loved ones love u because of how and who u areeee!!!
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Anything on your mind recently that you'd like to share?

JoeeeMason’s Profile PhotoJoe Edward Mason
life is so fucking short and u will never know how short urs is. u can die today. u can die tomorrow. u can die twenty years from now. u will never know until death hits u in the heart and makes it stop. it’s a funny not so funny thought. have u ever thought about it? if not, u should. look around and think this might be ur last day and just fucking enjoy it and tell ur loved ones how much u love them. u might not have the chance too later. we humans, we all die one day and we never know which day it will be.

What Are The Qualities You Really Enjoy In A Friend?

Habiteha’s Profile PhotoAM'
a trustworthy person, honest, loyal, non-judgmental, good listener, supportive of others in their good & bad times, self-confident, fun to be around and humorous. i believe these are the qualities i rly enjoy in a friend or in a person in general👏🏼

Today my Birthday...

hamza_2020’s Profile PhotoHamza baig
aw happy birthday, from my heart to yours!🤍 i hope ur heart bursts with love on ur special day. though not literally. that wouldn’t make for a very good birthday :) & wishing you many amazing surprises on this special day….like every gift u ever wanted and the biggest birthday cake u ever saw or just lots of hugs from ur loved ones! have fun and take care of urself

Anyone on ask you would go for suggestions/advice to ?

yousafamin04’s Profile PhotoDisappointment Panda
my froggy @rpdread for sure. he has been with me on this website/app since day one. in general he sucks at giving out advices but he knows how to use his words and it always helps me out on making my final decision. he’s da real one and the best of them all. if u have him in ur life, u don’t need anybody else.🤍


awhh this is one of the cutest things everrr. tysm for the compliment bb, but you such a gorgeous woman as well. look at you with your blonde hair and beautiful eyes. you slayin it already love. never forget how pretty u areee. <3 tysm again

Why is being rude the new cool? :(:

Ohh being rude is never and has never been cool. Being rude is just a disrespectful way to treat people around you. And if you’re being rude just to look like the cool guy/girl, just know you ain’t. You’re just another asshole in this big world and that’s about it. Being nice and kind to one another is cool. Wanna be cool? Be nice.

I admire your profile alot, how do you come up with answers like these ??🌹 Sai lit hn ap :)

mujtabaali123king’s Profile PhotoMujtaba Ali
awh thank u so much. this genuinely makes me happy🤍🥺 i literally don’t do much, i’m just being a 100% myself. and to me showing who u are as a human being it’s the most precious and important thing u can do. always be urself and never be ashamed or afraid to show ur personality and true self👏🏼

Im following 😍♥️ i love the way you answer questions and i love your vibe 💕

ass4lyfe’s Profile PhotoLady Boometh
omg thank u so much.🥺🤍 look at u being a total sweetheart to me. i truly appreciate ur words and i would hug u if u were close to me and if covid-19 didn’t exist!! stay safe and take care of urself


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