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Happy New Year❤️ Wishing you and Your family the happiest of the new year. May this new year bring new hopes , prosperity and love. Regards, Zarish Mir

zarish_mir’s Profile Photoزارش مير
Thaaank youuu so much for this kind message sweetie & for everyone who’s reading this; i’m wishing you all a very happy new year. I hope you achieve your goals or get closer to them; I wish you happiness and lots of blessings. Lots of love for you and your loved ones and be safe, pls💘🎉

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Anything on your mind recently that you'd like to share?

JoeeeMason’s Profile PhotoJoe Edward Mason
life is so fucking short and u will never know how short urs is. u can die today. u can die tomorrow. u can die twenty years from now. u will never know until death hits u in the heart and makes it stop. it’s a funny not so funny thought. have u ever thought about it? if not, u should. look around and think this might be ur last day and just fucking enjoy it and tell ur loved ones how much u love them. u might not have the chance too later. we humans, we all die one day and we never know which day it will be.

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Today my Birthday...

hamza_2020’s Profile PhotoHamza baig
aw happy birthday, from my heart to yours!🤍 i hope ur heart bursts with love on ur special day. though not literally. that wouldn’t make for a very good birthday :) & wishing you many amazing surprises on this special day….like every gift u ever wanted and the biggest birthday cake u ever saw or just lots of hugs from ur loved ones! have fun and take care of urself

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Why is being rude the new cool? :(:

Ohh being rude is never and has never been cool. Being rude is just a disrespectful way to treat people around you. And if you’re being rude just to look like the cool guy/girl, just know you ain’t. You’re just another asshole in this big world and that’s about it. Being nice and kind to one another is cool. Wanna be cool? Be nice.

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I admire your profile alot, how do you come up with answers like these ??🌹 Sai lit hn ap :)

mujtabaali123king’s Profile PhotoMujtaba Ali
awh thank u so much. this genuinely makes me happy🤍🥺 i literally don’t do much, i’m just being a 100% myself. and to me showing who u are as a human being it’s the most precious and important thing u can do. always be urself and never be ashamed or afraid to show ur personality and true self👏🏼

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