Ask @aidsbrain:

Do people have "a type"? Do you have a type that you fall for? What would you say have affected what type you like if you have a type? Do friends and family affect what kind of type someone likes?

Well I think you tend to fall for some sort of category of people, so yes. But I don't think this means strictly looks. I fall for people with somewhat nerdy interests I think, not sure though (fallen for very few people to be honest).

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What comic book should everyone read?

Tomb Svalborg
I don't read that many comic books, and most that I've read you need to have some sort of context for. I really like The Ultimates, but I don't think it holds up very well if you haven't read most of Marvel Ultimate leading up to it.
I think I'd have to go with The Long Halloween or Batman: Year One. Not very bold choices, but you only need a grasp of who Batman is to have a good time reading them.

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Congratz! You are now part of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. What is your mutant power and how does the mutant power effect you positively and negatively?

Tomb Svalborg
I break down crying for no apparent reason and my tears nullifies mutant powers in my vicinity. The pros are that anyone close to me won't be able to use their powers for evil, the cons are that I break down crying constantly.
(Never give me an opportunity to write for Marvel)

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What happen the first time you got too drunk?

I was 17 and was only going to drink once during the summer, so "I had to make it count". This was maybe my fifth or sixth time drinking and I had: 3 ciders, 2 beers, 3 glasses of aquavit and 1 glass of Jägermeister (glasses mind you, not shot glasses). All were downed in about 1-2 hours.
I remember maybe 1 hour of that night after the jäger, slept for a while in a bush and woke up with dicks painted on my face.
The day after I went to a christian festival and had a hangover for about two days. Good times.

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