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Breakup reasons nowadays ????

Humayun aslam
· One or both partners begin to doubt.
· Objections of family members.
· Any other girl or boy who influences your partner to break up with you.
Ego kills a relationship. People these days, listen less and react more. During a fight, one does not take the initiative to say sorry and rather expect the other person to resolve the matter and make a call. And when both the parties fail to call each other because of the ego factor, a relationship gets ruined.
Happy are the couples who throw their ego away and value the relationship more than their ego. A relationship requires constant nurturing.
Another reason for a breakup is expectations. We always expect a call from the other person, praises, and I love yous. What if he or she forgets to make a call, you initiate the call. What if he or she doesn't praise you that often, the love should be visible in his or her acts.
Other reasons include lack of commitment, over-possessiveness, too much of family love, being unfaithful, and flirting.

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Painful lyrics that always hits nd hurts uh.. ?✔️??

— Dunia bhooli aur sirf
tujhe haan sirf tujhe hi pyar kiya
Tumhe hum se badh kar duniya, Dunia Tumhe hum se badh kar
Tumhe hum se badh kar
Humko tumse badh kar koi jaan se pyara Na hoga
Mere dil ki dil se tauba, dil se tauba mere Dil ki ,
Dil ki tauba ae dil ab pyar dobara na hoga..
ham ne dharkan dharkan kar ke
dil tere dil se jorr liya ,
tujhe pyaar kiya to tu hi bata
ham ne kya koi jurm kiya..

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