Ask @ainafiqahayob:

Tbh . Yes . Terlalu lama . Tapi dah terlambat untuk jujur . But isokay . Cukup tgk dia happy . Ayat cliche kan ? Haha but yes . I'm happy if he's happy 😊

Nothing is too late. For whats been written has been written. If you two are meant to be together. Nothing can change that. Not even me 😊

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You dont know me act . I wish you're happy w aiman . Just take care of him . 😊 . Cinta tak semestinya memiliki kalau hanya seorang saja yang rasa . 😊

Tbh. Are you trying to say that you love him? Agreed. Perhaps that person is not the one and theres someone that is much better. Who knows 🏻♀️

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