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Am I broken? NO!
But yeah...I'm taken by someone's Soul not the Body!
Presence of that soul doesn't allow me to be someone else's! There's something weird for sure.
When I think back even a little bit, My eyes go blur and I can’t see clearly No More...I can feel the presence of it, like its still here!
It seems like all those things are going to happen Again!! I know that looking back and remembering all those things destroys me from the inside again. Also, I know that I only have harsh memories and nothing else...
But only because of remembering these harsh realities, My soul calms down! Then I search for myself... It feels like there is much more to live in this life.
I also know that listening to those specific songs, Makes me Lost again...! Lyrics of these songs take me back to the place where I was years before. And again I get exultant in my imaginations where I can see "Nothing" but I can feel "Everything".
I feel like I'm the same! Nobody took me from me ever. Instead, I handed over myself to them. Then, I feel that the feeling is always with me and watching me...
But all these thoughts are only what "I" have in my mind! Yet, these thoughts are finishing me by slow poisoning....

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