Flanagan vs Jose Enrique. Can you tell me who is better?

Definitely Jose Enrique.
While their defending skills are same same, the other attributes can't even be compare. Jose is much much much more faster (he used to be an athletc champion) with better build, plus a skill set of going forward and the mind set of a modern attacking full back.
While Flano is more versatile (can play at both wings), he is only better mentally. We can always see fire in his eyes when he go in for a tackle. I doubt that Jose is better than Flano on stamina.
Nevertheless, both are not good enough if they stay the same. Jose can be a good player, but injuries are destroying him. Flano, on the other hand, can become a new Carragher if he moves inside, which I do hope that it will happen in the future. For now, all we know is that he can be a great servant to the club.
Elsewhere, LFC would need a new LB who we can trust on consistently.
(Sorry if I made a few grammar mistakes or sth, just don't want to be rude because you asked in english).

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